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Arm & Hammer™ Potty Wipes

Wipe away frustration!

Arm & Hammer Potty Wipes make potty training easier by making the experience less messy and teaching your little one how to wipe themselves.

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Product Features

Potty training can be a bewildering milestone for little ones. Help ease the transition out of diapers with Munchkin Arm & Hammer Potty Wipes. Formulated with aloe, vitamin E and baking soda, these flushable wipes offer a safe, gentle and effective way to clean newly independent bottoms. The wipes are both sewer and septic safe. They help teach toddlers the proper way to wipe themselves after using the potty, making toilet training a little less messy and a little more fun. And they're alcohol and fragrance-free, which even the most sensitive bottoms will appreciate.

  • 36 pack of 4" x 7" wipes that are safe to flush
  • Contains aloe, vitamin E and baking soda
  • Free of alcohol and fragrances
  • Cleans sensitive bottoms safely and gently

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