• Auto Close Designer Gate
  • Auto Close Designer Gate
  • Auto Close Designer Gate
  • Auto Close Designer Gate
  • Auto Close Designer Gate
  • Auto Close Designer Gate
  • Auto Close Designer Gate

Auto Close Designer Gate

Stylish safety.

Voted the 2016 Best Quality Safety Gate by BabyCenter
Meet the premium, pressure-fit gate that elegantly works in your modern home, featuring dark wood combined with a strong steel frame. With innovative auto-close, the gate swings shut automatically for extra safety.
Gate stands 29" tall.
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Stylish baby-proofing sounds like an oxymoron, but it's possible to find a hard-working safety gate that's aesthetically pleasing at the same time. The Auto Close Designer Gate by Munchkin is the ultimate in baby gate technology, with a sleek wood and steel design that keeps little ones safe without sacrificing home decor. Equipped with a unique gravity-fed hinge, the Auto-Close does exactly what its name implies: it closes automatically when the handle is released. And with a little extra nudge in the right direction, the door stays open, because every parent could use an extra set of hands sometimes. Ideal for use in doorways, stairways, and halls, this tastefully designed infant gate stands 29" tall.

  • Gravity-fed hinge automatically locks gate shut, while wood door offers a quieter close than metal gates.
  • Door swings in both directions and can be propped open fully for easy access when barrier is not needed.
  • U-shaped steel power-frame keeps gate firmly in place.
  • Double-locking system on handle is easy for an adult, but difficult for a child to use - opens in direction you choose with third lock at base.
  • Pressure-fit baby gate with hardware included for added safety.

Safety Warning

Use only with locking mechanism securely engaged.

Never use with a child able to climb over or dislodge gate or enclosure.

To prevent serious injury or death, securely install gate or enclosure and use according to manufacturer's instructions.

Do not use this gate at top or bottom of stairs without using all four wall cups. For maximum safety, use four wall cups with sticky pads and screws provided when installing the gate in all locations.

  • The babycenter Moms' Picks Awards 2016 Quality Winner

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