• Cool Wrap Bottle Bag
  • Cool Wrap Bottle Bag
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Cool Wrap Bottle Bag

Cool, calm & collected.

Stay cool, calm, and collected (for up to 13 hours!) while you're on the go with this insulated bottle bag with gel packs.


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Product Features

For the mom and baby pair on the move, it's important to pack a slew of essentials to avoid making extra, unnecessary stops while out and about. Cold bottles, wipes, diapers, food, spoons - these are all can't-forget items to keep on hand for park dates, museum adventures, or just a morning stroll around the block. Munchkin's Cool Wrap Bottle Bag is a chic, multi-functional way to keep milk bottles cold and fresh during long stretches of time. With various compartments to store kids' bottles and feeding accessories, this bottle cooler comes with removable frozen gel packs that can stay cool for up to 13 hours. Several pockets with secure zip closures allow for safe keeping of your personal goods, too. Finally, the bag is made of durable material, so it's super easy to clean - just wipe with a damp cloth.

  • Baby bottle cooling bag can keep bottles cool for up to 13 hours
  • Perfect for travel and long plane rides - designed to hold multiple bottles and accessories on the go
  • Includes removable gel packs to keep bottle bag cold
  • Detachable strap attaches bag to stroller
  • Easy to clean

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