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Parent Stories

Jennifer Glenney Stein

My husband and I have 4 year old son and 4 month old twin girls. Since the girls were born, one-on-one time with my son is hard to come by, but one day I found a sitter, dropped the girls off and my son and I had, "Momma-Carter Day." We did lots of fun things and had a great time spending the day talking, laughing and playing together. At the end of the day I say to him, "Carter, I love spending time with you!" He looks at me and says, "I love spending time with Daddy." So much for Momma-Carter Day!

Abby Hamilton

I recently had a baby as well as my three sisters. My four year old was intrigued by the birthing process, so me wanting to always answer her questions honestly explained to her what it's like (some yelling, hard breathing, you know..) A few days later she is playing with her friends and I hear this horrible screaming and I run into the room, tripping on my own two feet in my haste and my 4 year old says, "jeeze, Mom I'm just having a baby".

Melissa Galvan

Catching my son trying to drink water from my dogs water bowl. It was one of my many mother of the year stories.

Lynn-Nora Laventure-Whitehead

On a 12 hour flight home. Plane has started it's decent so the seatbelt light is on. My daughter, 4 months old at the time and has a diaper explosion. Literally nothing I can do but let it happen and seep all over her and myself. As soon as it lands I bolt to the washroom. No change of cloths and only 1 wet wipe. I had a naked, smelly baby and mommy. Not fun. Lesson learned: extra, extra cloths and wet wipes.

Dawn Spanier Braddy

My baby loves playing on my cell phone and pretending to call Santa. One time I gave it to her to play with while I was chatting with a friend. We were telling each other our worst mother in law stories when my daughter accidentally called someone…you guessed it…my MIL! She heard everything! Sign. Sometimes life stinks but my diaper pail doesn’t have to!

Sarah Brown

When my middle son was little he decided to make mommy some “soup” and poured grape juice all over the living room carpet and cracked eggs and added other various items. It was such a mess, I had to replace the carpet. Needless to say we installed a padlock on the fridge after that.

Kay Juarez

Talking to my 2yr old about his Aunt "Debbie" right after feeding his puppy "Tubby"... Now whenever he sees her, shes Aunt Tubby! Not good.

Lynzee Abel

The first time I wore heels after having my son apparently my legs weren't quite ready! I went to pick him up from my mom's after work, went to walk down her front steps and both my legs turned to jello! Luckily I had a good grip on my son so when we landed on the concrete he wasn't hurt, but seemed confused as to why we were all of a sudden on the ground! I, on the other hand, had a sore but and scraped leg for about a week!

Penina Rothenstein-Popper

Well, we DON'T have a gate and unfortunately, my "Munchkin" who was 7 months old at the time got a hold of the phone. She somehow expertly dialed 911 and I suddenly hear on speakerphone, "9-11, state your emergency". I quickly grabbed the phone and profusely apologized, telling them that it was my baby who dialed and I am the mother. About 5 minutes later, I hear rapping on my door (it was 6 a.m.!) and as I look through the peephole, I see three cops standing there with a whole police squad on the street. Standing there in PJs, my daughter covered in PB&J, holding my other screaming child, hair frazzled and not having had a chance to even put in my contact lenses so I was 98% blind, I reluctantly opened the door. All they said was "Oh. She REALLY wasn't kidding". All sirens turned off as the policemen drove away...what a "trip up" to start the day!

Julie Havens

My most recent parenting "trip-up"... Playing too rough with the baby after eating! Learned the hard way turning the baby upside down is fun for her, until she spits up all over me.

Paula Sisk

I had told my youngest son that the color of my lipstick was apple red. He decided to use this piece of information and use it to draw apples all over his bedroom wall lol…got to love my baby boy though! Sounds like Paula needs a Munchkin Safety Gate! ;-)

Mandi Pacetti

OMG…My husband pressed pause on the TV, unfortunately he left it on something that had a tree on it. I say unfortunately because my little girl was coloring with her crayons and she thought she would "color in" the tree on the TV. My husband didn't really get why she was standing at the TV when he came back...until he pressed play and saw a scribble-y tree! He freaked out.

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