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Sandie Stringfellow


I almost *never* write to companies, and to be honest, when I do it is usually a scathing, angry complaint over something. Not today! My darling little son is almost three months old. I had heard of babies who refused the bottle, but never thought much about it because my daughter was happy with either breastfeeding or pumped milk in any old bottle! However, my son is quite picky, he flat out refuses the bottle. We even tried several formulas, thinking perhaps he was confused by getting breast milk in a bottle. We spent hundreds of dollars on every bottle on the market, literally hundreds...... as I work from home, it isn't a total disaster (I had read online stories of mothers having to quit their jobs because their babies were starving themselves while mom was at work!), but I was starting to get concerned because I sometimes have meetings that take me away from home for several hours. During those times, my son would just howl furiously when the sitter or his dad tried to bottle feed him. He wouldn't eat, wouldn't have wet diapers and when I came home his little eyes were swollen shut from crying and his little body was quivering, trying to catch his breath between sobs. It was awful, but we have to be a two-income family so I didn't have a choice. I felt so guilty and terrible.

Today we got the Latch and my son happily drank out of it without batting an eyelash! We were stunned. I don't know why this bottle isn't super famous, or in some Hall of Fame, or there isn't a federal holiday celebrating the Latch. Clearly, the design is driven by research, and allows even the fussiest of babies to comfortably nurse from it.

Thanks for designing an amazing product, and selling it for a reasonable price. It is really amazing. So, thanks so much for giving me the freedom to be away from my child without worrying about his well-being, and knowing that he is able to happily glug pumped milk while I am away.

Big time hugs,



I love love this bottle! It has a great Design. I love the Anti Colic Valve, it has very few pieces to put together unlike other bottles and it works really well. My son had no tummy problems after using this bottle. He took to the bottle right away and had no trouble using it. He had a really good latch. I will not use any other brand of bottle ever again. This is an Amazing product and I recommend it to everyone!

Ki Jackson


I got this bottle yesterday and already my son has taken this bottle more in two days than he has since he was born almost 4 months ago! I'm so relieved that I can now get out to do things with friends or the hubby and get a babysitter. This bottle is very close to the actual breast I was amazed! This bottle is a lifesaver!! Thanks Munchkin!



I bought this product a couple weeks ago and I LOVE IT!! My daughter would not take a bottle and I was in dire need to get her to take one since I was going back to work. This is the only bottle she liked. I am so thankful I found it!!


New Jersey

I received this amazing bottle as a gift ... The best part about this bottle is how easy it is to clean it!! It is the nipple, bottle and the little blue valve on the bottom!!

When my little one feeds he loves to look around and move his head A LOT! Because this nipple moves with his mouth and head it never becomes detached from his latch and he doesn't have unnecessary air leaking in!!

I totally recommend this bottle for breastfed & bottle fed babies!

Munchkin Moms

Breastfeeding Tips from Real Moms

At Munchkin, we not only help develop products for parents, we ARE parents. Some of us are new moms, some of us more experienced moms with 1, 2 or 3 kids! We all agree that breastfeeding can be a rewarding, yet sometimes difficult, experience. Whether your goal is to exclusively breastfeed on the breast, pump and use a bottle, or combine breast and formula feeding, here are some tips and stories of our own that we hope can help in this exciting, yet sometimes challenging time.

Monica, new mom of 1 sweet little baby boy

Look for support

In the form of friends, family, lactation consultants, doulas, your OB-GYN, support groups, or even online. Some of the biggest issues moms face is getting into the groove of breastfeeding – finding the right position, supply concerns, foremilk/hindmilk imbalance, under or over-active letdown, and more. Every person’s experience is different and breastfeeding challenges often evolve from week-to-week, so the more people that you speak with, the more options you will have in your tool kit to address those challenges.

Watch someone breast feed

Find a friend or a family member who is willing to let you watch her breast feed. Watching the process helps you realize that you will not hurt your baby when you bring their head onto your breast for a correct latch.

Although breastfeeding is natural, it is not always easy

It takes time for you and your baby to get to know each other and for you both to get comfortable with this new experience. If she favored a side in the womb, she may favor a breast which will lead to a difference in supply between your breasts.

Rely on loved ones

When it comes to household chores, cooking and more. If nursing is a priority, you will need a lot of alone time to nurse your baby during the day and night, so take advantage of the household assistance. It is important that you keep your stress levels low and continue to eat healthy and regularly so that you can produce more and better quality milk.

Michelle, an experienced mom of 3 boys – One 6-year old boy and crazy twin toddler boys

On those first few days

My first son had to go to the NICU after he was born because he was dehydrated. My milk didn’t come in soon enough for him and he was a big boy, a voracious eater. He had little formula bottles every 2 hours and then I tried to breastfeed him to get my supply going. I felt terrible. I didn’t know what I was doing and there he was, healthy, but just hungry. I thought I could never nurse him. When we could finally bring him home, he had some small bottles, but after my milk came in he eventually went to 100% breastfeeding. I went back to work after 3 months and pumped and breastfed, but eventually had to supplement because again he just ate so much! Today he’s a thriving, happy 6 year old boy.

Kristin, an experienced mom of 2 girls – One 3-year old girl and 1 adorable newborn baby girl

On those first few days

With my first daughter I breastfed her and pumped for 6 months. With my second daughter I decided to pump and feed her with the bottle (with breastmilk) pretty early on. I knew it would allow my husband to help, give me flexibility with my 3 year old daughter, and help with the transition in going back to work. I try to keep a strict pumping schedule to keep my supply up. A few weeks in and still going strong.