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If you love mbaby™ apparel, let us know! We'd love to hear about your favorites. Tell us your stories or even share a photo of your little one cozied up in a onester™ or sleepster™!

- your mbaby™ team

  • Holly:I love the genius behind a double layer front! Somebody wasn't behind the door the day the brains were passed out( as my grandmother would say). The soft fabric and warm yellow color of our onester is quietly hiding the bright colored goodness of the double layered front that is full of adorable flowers! As a mom, I am glad to see a company take this sort of action to help babies sleep safer at night- a double layer front on the sleepster ensures that my darling baby girl stays warm enough at night when she sleeps on her back. Add in the convertible foot? This is my new favorite sleeper! #momandbabyapproved

  • Christina: I love the quality of the material that both the one piece body suit and pj were made of. They were soft and still were after washing, and held up the vibrant colors, unlike other brands that change as soon as you wash. (The sizing for the onesie was perfect as well!)
    My daughter loved them, I could tell she was warm, but not hot, and that she was as comfortable as could be. I found her rubbing the material on her mbaby clothes, something she only does to things that she likes how they feel.
    I can't wait to see more designs from you guys, my daughter is a fan! .

  • Mindy: I absolutely adore the ONESTER™ PETER PAN PETITE DOT. It is so cute, with its feminine ruffle collar, and red polka dots. I love the double-layer front that helps keep my daughter nice and warm, and comfortable! I have received many compliments on this onester It’s such a great look for spring and summer, and it looks just adorable on my baby!
    The Bouquet Floral Sunsuit is just too cute for words! I love the little ruffle bum, and the ruffle at the bottom of the legs. It is so lightweight, and the material is so comfortable for my daughter. This is going to be a wonderful outfit for those hot summer days! The floral pattern is so soft and delicate and my favorite feature of all is the way this outfit quickly and easily snaps at the bottom. It certainly makes diaper changes much easier!
    Thank you so much for these beautiful outfits! We adore them!

  • Alyssa: I love the mbaby onester & sleepster I received for my baby boy! The nautical patterns are adorable and stylish, the gold snap in the middle of all the snaps is a great guideline to make sure the snaps line up correctly, the "Double Layer" keeps my son warm and dry and it is soo soft, and the outfits fit my son perfectly. The onester is perfect for the changing Spring weather right now and the sleepster with a built-in-blanket and convertible foot is great for bedtime and naptime and for a quick transition to wear when we go out and about.

  • Lillian: So sweet - soft. Loved the soft colors and sweet patterns.

  • Jennifer: Gorgeous clothing. I wish these beautiful pieces were available with my girls. Perfect gift for new mom.

  • Julie: Beautiful clothing that grows with baby.

  • Ellen: Love the feet! Never seen this before & love it for growing babies.

  • Pamela: Soft, Smart. Ideal for easy, chic dressing.

  • Jackie: We love the collection - so cozy, cute & fun..

  • Nichol: Best organic clothing on the market. Comfy, love styles, fresh, no fuss, buttons are great & quick.

  • Danielle: Really beautiful new line, excited to tell my new mom friends. Great quality. Love the conversion to remove footies.

  • Melissa: I loved all the clothing. The style, color, and softness of the material.

  • Candy: The material is very soft and the designs are very cute with lots of variety.

  • Yee: Love the adjustable foot!


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