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Deluxe Dishwasher Basket (Green)

A basket that conveniently holds nipples, lids, valves, straws and utensils together in the dishwasher - so you can focus on chasing the kids around the house instead of bottle parts around the dishwasher. It's the little things.®
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Deluxe Dishwasher Basket (Green) zoom
  • Deluxe Dishwasher Basket (Green)
  • Deluxe Dishwasher Basket (Green)
  • Deluxe Dishwasher Basket (Green)
  • Deluxe Dishwasher Basket (Green)
  • Deluxe Dishwasher Basket (Green)

Product Features

Even if you prefer to do your bottle washing routine by hand, running baby bottles and feeding accessories through the dishwasher from time to time ensures an extra deep, hygienic clean. But if you hate digging around to grab fallen nipples, valves and straws, the Munchkin Deluxe Dishwasher Basket is your new best friend. This handy dishwasher caddy can hold up to 14 standard nipples, 4 straws, and a basketful of small bottle parts and accessories, so you don’t have to worry about your little one’s pacifiers going the way of lost socks in the dryer.

The Deluxe Dishwasher Basket has a patented straw cleaning rack on the side to hold straws upright and firmly in place for a thorough clean. Flip open the lid to place pacifiers, spoons, valves, bottle sealing discs, caps and other small parts into the basket. Press nipples into the nipple sanitizing lid, snap everything into place, and you’re ready to wash without worry - because your dishwasher digging days are over!

  • Baby dishwasher basket fits dishwashers of all sizes and shapes
  • Sturdy catch-all container holds up to 4 straws and 14 standard nipples
  • Keeps bottle accessories upright and secure for easy, hassle-free cleaning