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Safe Step™ Gate

This pressure mounted safety gate features a floor bar that is 50% slimmer than the standard safety gate. Make sure you've taken a moment to measure the opening where you'd like to place your safety gate.
This gate fits openings 29.5"- 35" wide, 30" tall.
Extends up to 54" with additional extensions.

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  • Safe Step™ Gate
  • Safe Step™ Gate
  • Safe Step™ Gate
  • Safe Step™ Gate
  • Safe Step™ Gate
  • Safe Step™ Gate
  • Safe Step™ Gate
  • Safe Step™ Gate
  • Safe Step™ Gate
  • Safe Step™ Gate

Product Features

Make your home safer for both you and your little ones with the Safe Step™ Gate with TripGuard® - featuring the next generation in baby gate technology. With a patent-pending floor bar design that’s 50% lower than the standard safety gate, the chance of tripping is minimized as your family passes through. The dual-locking handle is easy for adults, but difficult for small children to operate, and a third lock at the base provides added safety, allowing you to control which way it opens. Ideal for use in doorways, stairways, and halls, this innovative child gate stands 30" tall and fits openings 29.5"-35" wide, and can be extended up to a 54-inch width with additional gate extensions (sold separately).

  • Patent-pending TripGuard® technology reduces trip hazard through 50% slimmer floor bar.
  • Double-locking system on handle is easy for an adult, but difficult for a child to use - opens in direction you choose with third lock at base.
  • Gate locks shut with just a simple push.
  • Pressure-fit baby gate with hardware included for added safety.

Safety Warning

Use only with locking mechanism securely engaged.

Never use with a child able to climb over or dislodge gate or enclosure.

To prevent serious injury or death, securely install gate or enclosure and use according to manufacturer’s instructions.