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Childproofing Kit

A 25-piece childproofing essentials kit that makes it easy to transform your home into a safe environment for your baby - because having a childproof home makes you the sharpest parent on the block. It's the little things.®
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  • Childproofing Kit
  • Childproofing Kit
  • Childproofing Kit
  • Childproofing Kit
  • Childproofing Kit
  • Childproofing Kit

Product Features

Childproofing can be an overwhelming, intimidating task - where to begin, how much to do, what products to buy? Munchkin has you - and all your babyproofing needs - covered. Transform your home into a safe zone for babies and kids with the 25-piece Munchkin Childproofing Kit, which includes 8 Drawer and Cabinet Latches, 12 Plug Covers, 4 XTRAGUARD® Soft Impact Corner Cushions and 1 XTRAGUARD® Dual Purpose Door Stopper.

The Plug Covers have a smooth, non-grip design which helps prevent young children from tampering with plugs when installed. Specially designed to go unnoticed by children, the opaque color of these outlet covers blends in with most standard outlets and room decor.

The XTRAGUARD® Soft Impact Corner Cushions protect against harmful sharp corners. The rounded cushions are designed to wrap around furniture edges to offer true corner protection. An internal bubble/crumple zone collapses under impact to absorb energy, and installation is quick and simple.

The 2-in-1 design of the Dual Purpose Door Stopper helps prevent injuries from door slams and can be used to prop open doors as well. The durable TPE plastic deflects door slams to prevent finger pinching injuries. The V-shaped design works on most standard doors, pocket doors and sliding doors.

Finally, the Drawer and Cabinet Latches feature 3 different lock settings - unlocked, locked, and double locked - for extreme peace of mind. The dual latches require users to pinch ergonomic pads together to open, making it more child-resistant than other single latch "depress to open" designs.

  • Everything you need to get started on your childproofing journey
  • 8 drawer and cabinet latches
  • 12 plug covers
  • 4 XTRAGUARD® Soft Impact Corner Cushions
  • 1 XTRAGUARD® Dual Purpose Door Stopper