Our Commitment

Dear friend of Munchkin,

When I set out to design the first bottle brush nearly 20 years ago, I insisted it not only be functional, but also sleek and stylish enough to be displayed in a modern art museum. I have carried that philosophy across each of our product designs over the years. Every new invention must make your life as a parent easier in some way, offering you a clever shortcut that makes you say, “Now why didn't I think of that?” It also must look beautiful enough in your home that you might use it, even if you didn't have a baby.

At Munchkin, we truly try to live and breathe our motto “It’s the little things”.

I always love hearing from Munchkin customers, so please email me any time, for any reason, at



  • Debbie

    I have read that your cups are BPA and Phthalate - free, but are they also Tritan free?

    Thank you

    • Amanda Maria
      Amanda Maria August 26, 2014

      Good morning Debbie,

      If you would, please contact our Consumer Relations team at 800.344.2229 for further assistance as we would like to request clarification on what you mean by Tritan.

      Thank you.

  • Susan Williams
    Susan Williams August 16, 2014

    This will be my third attempt at contacting customer service regarding my frustration and disappointment in one of your products. I have sent this letter twice now, and have included pictures.

    Dear Customer Service Team,

    I am a first time mom. I have a beautiful 2 week old daughter.

    With recommendations from peers, I included many Munchkin products on my baby registry. I had an opportunity to use one of my registry items yesterday. I placed the smaller parts of baby bottles, and breast pump accessories, into my new Munchkin Deluxe Dishwasher Basket. Mine has pink trim on the basket. I followed manufacturer recommendations and placed the basket on the top shelf of my dishwasher.

    At the end of the dishwasher cycle, I removed the basket to empty. I was shocked to see that the pink color from the dishwasher basket bled onto the items in that dishwasher basket. Pink speckle like fragments and streaks are now on the majority of the items in the basket. I was unable to use any of the items from that basket.

    Your product descriptor states that your product exceeds safety standards. The dishwasher basket clearly is meant for dishwasher use and was supposed to be dishwasher safe. I was told that as "my new best friend", this product would allow me to wash my small items without worry. Unfortunately, Munchkin's "new best friend" has become my worst enemy.

    I thought your quality control team should be made aware of this obvious product/coloring defect. I will try to return this basket to the purchasing store, but I am not sure they will additionally reimburse me for the products that were ruined by using your dishwasher basket.

    I am reluctant to keep some of the other colorful, dishwasher safe products I have yet to use, such as the soft tip spoons and fresh food feeder, for fear the same thing will happen.

    I would appreciate any suggestions and/or response from your customer service team.

    • Amanda Maria
      Amanda Maria August 26, 2014

      Good morning Susan,

      I apologize greatly for your frustrations however I see that our Consumer Relations team has reached out to you under Ticket #12506.
      If you are in need of any further assistance please let us know. Thank you for your time and patience.