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  • Eileen Pineau: “Thank you for your outstanding customer service! We know we made a good decision by purchasing Munchkin brand, and in the best interest of our baby. Thanks!”
  • Stephanie Richardson Health: “Just wanted to say how much I love your click lock leaking at all and been using the one for a couple months. :)”
  • Amanda Cyrus: “I love the color changing baby spoons to know when the baby food is hot best product I’ve ever used :D”
  • Natalie Harris Lockhart: “I was on a flight last night with my husband, 4 year old and 8 month old. The baby has an ear infection and was very fussy. My husband was holding him as he screamed and a man sitting across the aisle from us tapped him on the shoulder. He pulled out a Munchkin teething toy and handed it to us. He was traveling with his adult children and he said that he could remember what it was like to be in our position. He is a rep for Munchkin, which is why he happened to have the amazing toy. Kudos for being the kind of company that employs people who don’t just sell your product, but truly represent your brand.”
  • Angela McDuffie: “Your arm and hammer stain treatment wipes and laundry spray are great! I’ve been using the wipes for on the go stains on my sons clothes and they are so convenient! Just thought you’d like some feedback on the product :-)”
  • Redhead Baby Mama: “Our Munchkin Quick Install baby gates have really been working out for us – we stay busy, and they have help up to our high standards!”
  • Melissa Allen Lambert: “Thank you for creating such a wonderful (stink free) diaper pail! My daughter can put out some real stinker diapers, but you wouldn’t know…our house still smells nice and fresh :-)”
  • Danica Garay: “Oh my gosh! I have to thank you for the Lulla-Vibe. I’m trying to do the transition from co-sleeping to crib and this team has helped me out so much! I will be recommending this to all of my friends! Amazing product! Thank you again!”
  • Ashley Savius: “I think that baskets are a fantastic idea. What a convenient and fun way to purchase all of the needs for new parents!”
  • Jennifer Lee: “The best bottle brushes and dishwasher baskets. I’ve tried so many other brands with my first, but with my other children, I have always used Munchkin. There are so many different companies that make similar products, but Munchkin makes the most PRACTICAL products.”
  • Katie Lee: “Must say, my husband ate his opinion that the spoon with my squeeze compartment attached would be a waste of money. He loves that thing! Our son enjoys it too since there isn’t as long of a wait for food between bites…but mostly my husband loves it because there is no bowl to guard from grabby baby hands! I’m impressed with how little waste there is (maybe a touch more than a bowl or the jars that the food comes in really). <3 Thanks for such a convenient product!”
  • Kathleen Smith: “Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU, Munchkin for making the bottle brush set! I have been looking for something to clean the pesky sippy cups, as they have about a million and a half little tiny spaces that milk can get in and make it all yucky. These brushes are exactly what I needed! Thanks again!”
  • Tiffany Rice: “I can not say enough GREAT things about your Arm and Hammer laundry stain treatment! I highly recommend it to everyone!!! It got spray paint off my Coach wallet, ink, fruit punch, grass stains and all kinds of other dirt off of my son’s clothes. Normally I could care less about laundry, but it really is a miracle pre-treatment.”
  • Megh McCane Howard: “THANK YOU for the genius of the lulla vibe!!!! How has no one else ever thought of this? At 14 weeks my little princess is finally moving outta the bassinet and into her own room. Added bonus: she’s loving the white noise it creates as it vibes her to sleep!! I’m hoooooooooked on Munchkin!!”
  • Lori Bahn: “I love the Food Chopper & Steamer... It works great!”
  • Melanie Willis: “Love my Munchkin steamer! The best way to preserve nutrients when reheating baby’s vegetable, breast milk and/or formula!! Thank you so much Sarah M for an awesome gift!”
  • Rachel Roland: “Munchkin is a brand that is tried and true”
  • Bella Zamorano Garza: “Thank you for great products at affordable prices (:”
  • April Shenberger: “Thank you very much for the Light My Way Nightlight! We received ours yesterday and my 16 month old LOVES it! We can add it to the list of other Munchkin products we adore. Thanks again!”
  • Beth Box: “I just wanted to say I’m so thrilled with the products I’ve purchased that are made by your company! I have the diaper pail, love it. I have toys and supplies and love them, our newest toy is the bath star…it has flashing lights, a fountain feature and different textures at each end of the star, my 5 month old son LOVES it. I’m so glad I found is for this stocking this year!”
  • Jennifer Curtis: “My son’s new big boy room. Still have this wonderful diaper pail though. Absolutely love this. We didn't get it until he was almost 1 and that was the biggest mistake we ever made. Every parent should have a diaper pail from day one...
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    • (Jan. 8, 2013): “Why have a dirty diaper sitting around in the house any longer than needed? Well, sometimes those late night changes where you feel like you’re almost sleep walking, they do come in handy. And now, with the Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail by Munchkin, they bring the wondrous world of baking soda and dirty diapers together. We were really surprised how well it worked on even the smelliest of diapers. This is a must have in your nursery.”
    • (Jan. 8, 2013): “I had researched diaper pails while I was pregnant and I knew that after reading reviews and talking to other moms, that I wanted the Diaper Pail from Munchkin, so when I made my baby registry, the diaper pail was one of the first items I added. Since having it and using it with Wyatt, I have yet to smell a dirty diaper once.”
    • (Feb. 19, 2013): “Munchkin’s Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail is legit. Event my naysayer husband was impressed with the technology and thought that went into this pail.”
    • (Feb. 22, 2013): “Munchkin has products for every stage of your baby and toddler's life. From baby gates to starting solids, from nursery essentials to bath time, Munchkin provides affordable products. We already have one of their baby gates but will soon need another for the top of our stairs, and I've personally been eying there food pouch organizer and fresh food freezer trays!”
    • (Feb. 23, 2013): “I love Munchkin products because they are always innovative and have so many unique products. I used many of their products when my son was a newborn and still use them.”
    • (Jan. 25, 2013): “As for Munchkin, I am a fan of their innovative products and I am happy to see them incorporating bilingual products into their range – they are doing a world of good and so many kids both bilingual and non will be eager to learn and take pride in knowing how to say things in more than one language.”
    • (March 6, 2013): “The Light My Way Portable Nightlight is super cute and works great for my four year old. I love that he is able to operate himself and that it is battery operated so he doesn’t ever come into contact with an electrical outlet.”
    • (May 31, 2013): “I always knew that having a baby would be expensive; I never knew JUST how much money my little bundle of joy would cost. At first, I shied away from homemade baby food because I thought it would take too much time and cause added stress. However, Munchkin’s Fresh Baby Food System makes homemade baby food affordable, easy and stress free.”
    • (Sept. 30, 2013): “I am really excited to use [the Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail] system with my new baby, especially since we do not have a separate nursery. Now I don’t have to worry about her big sisters, or her, sleeping in a stinky room.”


  • steven powers
    steven powers August 26, 2014

    Got the mk0033 gate today, horrible instructions called co but was told to leave my number and they would call back.not holding my breath.

    • Amanda Maria
      Amanda Maria August 26, 2014

      Good evening Steven,

      Thank you so much for your feedback as we know your time is valuable. We will happily look into this for you and will follow up shortly.

  • Indira
    Indira July 28, 2014

    Ito as happy with munchkin sippy cup purchase until I now. I am not able purchase replacement spout from site. This is my setback.

    • Amanda Maria
      Amanda Maria August 4, 2014

      Good morning Indira,

      Thank you so much for your feedback as we know your time is valuable. We will happily look into this for you and will follow up shortly.

  • Christy Booth
    Christy Booth June 17, 2014

    I recently received the green tote/portable storage bin. It has been a lifesaver because it keeps all needed supplies in a easy-to-carry, organized fashion. In the two smaller pockets I keep gas drops and saline solution. In one larger pocket I keep diaper rash lotion, baby soap, my snot-sucker, a few small books and baby sunblock. In the opposite large pocket, I keep enough diapers for the day and wipes. With two babies, this organizational/storage tote (with changing pad) allows me to be able to change a diaper, give gas drops, or have a small toy handy wherever I go. Moreover, when grandma comes to help out, she can easily find everything she needs in one place (and doesn't have to wake this mommy from her much-needed nap!).

    Thank you!!

  • Tina

    This is my 2nd order.The only place I can find the Go Diego Go Sippy Cups. I am very pleased with product I will be ordering again.
    Fast shipping
    over all excellent

  • Lydia

    I would like to share what excellent customer service response I received after reporting that a part on my munchkin Mozart cube broke with in just a few days we received the replacement part. Thank you so much for the excellent service and standing behind your product!

  • Lydia

    Need to know how to get a piece for Mozart magic cube, the part that holds the battery broke, it was a gift we got a while back after adopting, our little girl loved it, went change batteries and the part snapped towards the end, where u turn it on and off can we get a replacement piece

  • Rebecca Reed
    Rebecca Reed April 12, 2014

    (This is a long one! Well worth the read, but feel free to excerpt!) :)

    First, I have to say how happy we have been with all of our Munchkin products, but in particular the bottle warmer. We have one at home and one at the sitter's and they are PERFECT for quickly heating breast milk, formula and baby food. However, after 4 months, our warmer at home started to leak. And this is where the story gets REALLY GOOD...

    I emailed Munchkin, knowing that the steamer was a gift and I had no receipt. Within a day I received a friendly response from Patricia, a customer service rep with Munchkin, telling me no problem - send the warmer back and Munchkin would replace it. She also send they'd send me other products as reimbursement my postage! (Sweet!)

    I sent the warmer, carefully wrapped and labeled, via Priority Mail with the US Postal Service. It had tracking and insurance and I'd never had a problem before. Then, 2 weeks later, I thought to check when it had been delivered to Munchkin. It was then that I discovered the package had been delivered to Texas, not California as addressed!!! After numerous phone calls and hours on hold with USPS, they couldn't figure out what had happened, nor could they find the package. (Even now, 2 months later, they are still "reviewing" my appeal for the insurance claim!)

    I emailed Patricia at Munchkin - who had been so friendly and helpful - to let her know what had happened and that it looked like we would just be buying a new warmer. If anything, I only expected she would acknowledge my email and thank me for updating her. But wait, there's MORE! Patricia went so far as to get details from me to make sure it wasn't an error on Munchkin's end. And THEN - they sent us a new warmer anyway!!! They even included two other products the mesh feeder and the snack tower)!!!

    I am SO PLEASED with the OUTSTANDING customer service!! Not only are Munchkin products made with quality and convenience in mind, they employ friendly customer service reps and truly stand behind theirs products and their customers. I recommend Munchkin to all the parents I know!

  • Sandralox
    Sandralox February 10, 2014

    I love the baby food grinder. Especially awesome was the price, less than $10. I considered buying some big deal electronic baby food maker that was close to $100, but just happened across this one day while shopping. I use it for fruits and veggies right, now. I expect to use it for noodles and meat later. It's so simple, and cleans up easily.

  • e j Jones
    e j Jones January 22, 2014

    I have gotten all different info on the Munchkin soft tip infant feeding spoons (they come in all different colors) Are they made in China I was told on one site they were made in Japan Are they FREE of ALL CHEMICAL junk or just BPA You do not give enough info on this product. Can you please tell me what they are made of thank you

    • Amanda Maria
      Amanda Maria January 29, 2014

      The Soft-tip Infant Spoons are made of Polyethylene and manufactured in China. Regardless of where our products are manufactured, we are vigilant about maintaining the safety and quality of products. All of our products are independently tested and meet or exceed the safety standards for our industry as established by both the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International.

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