• Quick Install Ultra Gate
  • Quick Install Ultra Gate
  • Quick Install Ultra Gate
  • Quick Install Ultra Gate
  • Quick Install Ultra Gate

Steel™ Quick Install Safety Gate

Simple, Stylish, and Secure

Quick Install Ultra Steel™ is a sleek and modern simple-yet-safe gate that easily moves from room to room with no tools required.
This gate fits openings 26"-42" wide.
26" tall.

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Product Features

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Our new Quick Install Ultra Steel™ Safety Gate features a simple, innovative locking arm that eliminates guesswork and allows for an easy, custom fit to virtually any space. With a 1/4" width adjustment, the Quick Install Ultra Steel™ Gate is up to 50% more precise than leading quick-install gates and allows for a safer, more seamless fit. The locking arm even remembers opening widths, so it's easy to pop the gate back into place seconds after the lock has been disengaged! Ideal for use in doorways and hallways, this secure infant gate stands 26" tall and fits openings 26"-42" wide.

  • Portable, easy to move quick-install gate
  • Up to 50% more precise with a 1/4" width adjustment
  • One-handed locking mechanism installs in seconds
  • Quick-release lever mechanism remembers doorway widths
  • Sturdy steel gate with pressure installation

Safety Warning

Use only with locking mechanism securely engaged.

Never use with a child able to climb over or dislodge gate or enclosure.

To prevent serious injury or death, securely install gate or enclosure and use according to manufacturer's instructions.

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