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Easy-to-use connectors that help you safely convert two strollers into one - because as much as you often wish otherwise, you were only born with two hands. It's the little things.®
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Sometimes, buying a double stroller doesn't make sense. Maybe your older child is too big for frequent stroller rides, or you simply don't have the space to store a tandem travel system. But what if there was an easy way to create an instant double stroller? For those times that you may need to push both of them at once, Munchkin can connect you just with the right tool. If you have two umbrella strollers, Stroller Links are your new best friend! These easy-to-use connectors safely convert two strollers into one. Molded plastic connectors easily snap to a variety of tube framed strollers to create an instant tandem carriage. They adjust to fit different sizes and are perfect for pushing two strollers at once without an extra set of hands. And they don't have to stay connected, either a simple squeeze is all it takes to remove. If only everything was so effortless.

  • Connect two strollers into an instant double stroller
  • Easy to use - no tools needed
  • Easily adjusts to fit different sized stroller tubes
  • Includes 3 connectors

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