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June 19, 2020

6 Ideas for a Fun Father’s Day: Quarantine Edition

Father’s Day undoubtedly looks and feels very different this year. With brunches, barbecues and sporting events off the table for now, you might be looking for easy ways to celebrate Dad from the comfort of home instead. Here are some fun ideas to make this safer-at-home Father’s Day memorable for your favorite MVP (bonus: there’s minimal prep or planning involved, so you still have time to pull off a great last-minute Father’s Day celebration!).

Recreate a “Fancy” Brunch at Home

This one’s been a tradition in our household for years. In lieu of crowded restaurants, we prepare a lovely breakfast spread at home, with all the trappings of a celebratory brunch out – flowers, a pretty tablescape, linen napkins, special occasion tableware, etc. Help the kids create Father’s Day menus or place cards, then set the table together with love. They can even take turns playing restaurant, taking Dad’s order and filling his plate. Put out a mix of sweet and savory items – think pancakes (they don’t have to be from scratch) with warm maple syrup, a simple frittata or scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon (regular, turkey, or vegan), fresh berries and sliced fruit, plus coffee for the grownups and orange juice for the kids. Popover pancakes, Dutch babies, and even Pop Tarts could add some lighthearted fun — after all, we’re celebrating Pops! No matter what’s on the menu, a special sit-down meal sets the tone for a special day.

Re-Watch a Championship Game

Rewind to unwind – that’s the name of this game. With the sports world currently on hiatus, Dad is likely missing game day and all the rituals that go along with it. The good news: almost every sport is streaming archive footage of games or matches to help fill the void. Find one with his favorite team or player as champion, then invite him to settle in and relive the glory. You can go a step further and recreate the live sports experience with concession stand staples or ballpark snacks like Cracker Jacks, nachos or soft pretzels, plus a cold, refreshing beverage to wash it all down. Team jersey optional, but highly recommended!

Go Camping in Your Backyard

You don’t have to spend the night outside, especially with toddlers or young kids, but a quasi-camping trip at home can be fun, especially when celebrating an outdoorsy dad. It can be as simple as pitching a tent (even a makeshift, fort-style one), stringing some lights, and reading books with a flashlight under the stars. If you have a fire pit, it would be the perfect place to sing campfire songs – and let’s not forget about grilling hotdogs and roasting s’mores (a camping must!). You could even drink tea or hot cocoa from thermoses to bring that authentic camp feeling home. If you have a projector, a backyard campout can also set the stage for an outdoor movie night complete with popcorn that you can pop on the grill or make in advance (check out this video on how to create a DIY movie screen from a sheet!). The experience will be memorable no matter what.

At-Home Food or Wine Tastings

For the beer or wine aficionado, setting up a tasting of his favorite libation is a no brainer (blind tastings are especially fun). And yes, the youngest members of the family can still participate with this fun, kid-friendly twist: tasting flights of juices, crackers, cookies, fruits or cheese for the little ones to try! Setting up a tasting bar can be very interactive and fun for the whole family. There’s plenty of room for improvisation based on your palates and preferences. And you never know – calling it a tasting might even inspire picky eaters to try something new.

No-Wrap Father’s Day Gifts

This year, it would be especially meaningful to make a donation in Dad’s name to a cause he cares about, likeBlack Lives Matter, or a few that are close to Munchkin’s heart:International Fund for Animal Welfare(IFAW) andThe Whale Sanctuary Project. We also love the idea of subscription-based gifts for Father’s Day, because they make Dad feel special year round. There are clubs and subscriptions available for pretty much everything from comic books to craft beer, so it’s easy to personalize based on his interests. Our picks include Atlas Coffee’sCoffee of the Month Club, which takes him on a java journey around the world, and the foodie favorite,Rancho Gordo Bean Club.

A Heartfelt Ode to Dad

The best, most memorable gifts are sentimental and from the heart. Our favorite is almost like a time capsule, but much easier. Ask the kids what they love most about Dad (or list their favorite things about him). Write each one down verbatim, no matter how silly it may sound, and add a few of your own. Present your list on Father’s Day! Your grand gesture doesn’t have to be fancy at all. Just type and print or write the list out by hand, then have the kids decorate it with stickers, color a border, or paste it on a construction paper frame. He’ll cherish seeing himself through their eyes (and yours), and it’s fun to revisit the list each year to see how it evolves as your kids grow.

Happy Father’s Day and cheers to the real-life superheroes we get to call Dad!

Ani Morgan

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