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April 16, 2019

Baby’s First Foods with Once Upon a Farm

Introducing solids to your baby is one of the many exciting milestones parents can look forward to. If you’re a first-time parent deciding on what food should come first it might be harder than you think! We’ve put together an easy guide with help from our friends at Once Upon a Farm. Co-founded by Jennifer Garner and Cassandra Curtis, Once Upon a Farm offers organic, cold-pressed blends in pouches and cups that are as close to homemade as it gets. Read on to learn how to introduce solids into baby’s diet, which foods should come first for baby, and which foods to avoid.

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Is Your Baby Ready to Start Solid Foods?

You’ll need to get the green light from your pediatrician before starting solid foods. Some peds will suggest starting as young as 4 months while others suggest waiting until 6 months, always check with your doctor before proceeding!

You’ll know if baby is ready to eat if they can mash around the food in their mouth and don’t immediately push it out with their tongue.

Be prepared for some funny first bite faces!

What food should I feed my baby first?


Most pediatricians now recommend starting with a pureed veggie or fruit. (Always check with your pediatrician first on what’s best!)

But what veggie or fruit do you start with? There isn’t one right answer!

You can pick and choose and play with different food types, that’s half the fun of introducing foods!

A few fan favorites are: avocado, sweet potato, squash, banana, and carrots.

What Do I Need to Feed My Baby Their First Meal?

Supplies needed:

If your baby is sitting up on their own, using a high chair will be the easiest for spoon feeding your tot for the first time. If they still need some support, having your baby sit in another person’s lap or in a more supportive floor seat might be easier in the beginning.

Choose a spoon that has a soft tip, as baby’s gums and mouth can be sensitive to hard surfaces. Using a suction bottom bowl is another handy item to have on hand, as it keeps one hand free for feeding or you can serve baby directly from one of Once Upon a Farm’s new cups!

Start by offering your baby a small amount of food on the spoon. Don’t be discouraged if they make a startled or wincing face, remember this is your baby’s first taste of food outside of breast milk or formula! Just keep trying in small amounts.

If your first attempt at food doesn’t go as planned that’s okay. Try again the following day. If you notice that your baby isn’t a fan of the first food you tried after 2-3 days of offering you can switch it up. Babies like variety and have preferences when it comes to taste, too!

Want to read more about how to introduce new flavors? Head over to Once Upon a Farm’s Blog here.

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