Munchkin News


January 9, 2020

Conservation reaches the next generation, one sip at a time

It is often said that every individual has the power to make a difference wherever they live. It is this very idea that excites us most about our collaboration with Munchkin and our support for their commitment to animal conservation through the award-winning WildLove line of Miracle® 360° cups. These beautifully illustrated cups feature different at-risk animals in their natural habitats, inspiring children with wonder and helping to plant the seeds of conservation within the hearts of the next generation who will grow up to keep them safe.

As a parent, it’s important to me to instill in my children an appreciation for animals and the natural environment. To ensure they understand that all animals are vital in the circle of life and that we each have a responsibility to care for both them and their homes. I know I am not alone in feeling this way—it’s important to so many parents today. This is why Munchkin’s WildLove cups are being welcomed into the homes of so many families, including my own, and are helping to create a closer connection to the animals featured on them every single day. And in my home, we take small moments to appreciate our environment and discuss the impact our actions have on the planet with my young boys. I strongly believe that engaging in these conversations with them early in life will strengthen their bond with and appreciation for animals and natural environment.

Here’s some interesting information that caught my attention. Munchkin recently polled 1,500 parents in the UK [] and found that children ask their parents an average of 27 questions per day—that’s 10,000 questions a year! In my house, it feels more like 10,000 before breakfast, but the point remains -kids are immensely curious. And research shows that how we respond to their questions can make a big difference in how they ultimately process information and develop language. In fact, an MIT study found that engaging children in actual conversation has a unique power to develop their brains. Amazing! Since we know that children are captivated by animals and nature, this then becomes an ‘easy,’ thoughtful conversation to have.

Since the WildLove cups feature designs as well as information about the animals’ habitat, they help give children—and yes, even their parents—a chance to learn, to explore, to appreciate—and ultimately to protect. And their sale supports the life-saving work of IFAW to protect and conserve species all over the world. The cups have given me a new way to talk to my kids about animals and how our actions can threaten their survival. Because learning where polar bears live and how melting ice make sit hard for them to find food not only educates, but inspires a conversation about the actions they can take in their own lives to help. Whether it’s turning off lights as they leave a room or reusing snack bags to reduce plastic waste, children learn the power of their own actions. One action that, taken over time amongst a generation, can lead to the change we truly need.

So every time my kids use a WildLove cup, we are reminded of our connection to animals, the natural environment and of our role as stewards of this shared earth. What a gift to pass on to the next generation.


Stacie Cobos

Vice President of Brand Marketing & Communications at IFAW