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February 28, 2018

5 Fast Facts about Gemma Marin, the Viral Dancing Mama

Gemma Marin and partner Israel Duffus went viral last year when they made a dancing video featuring Gemma 9-months pregnant.

We caught up with them both to find out how their lives have changed since the video and becoming new parents. Watch their newest video with now 9-month old Alexandra featuring our Galaxy Mat and other Munchkin favorites.

5 Quick Facts about Gemma Marin and Israel Duffus

  1. Gemma and Israel have one daughter, Alexandra, who is 9 months old. They first went viral when Gemma was 9 months pregnant and they made a dancing video together.
  2. Gemma moved to Los Angeles from Spain 5 years ago to pursue her dream of being an actress. She’s worked with actors like George Clooney and Danny Devito.
  3. Gemma began dancing at 3 years old. She says ” It is my life, dancing is inside me.” She and Israel have been dancing together since they met and have music playing at all times!
  4. Gemma swears by Mustela soaps, her Galaxy Mat for playtime and organic cotton clothes for Alexandra. “They’re lifesavers!”
  5. Her best advice to a new mom is: “Be ready to be exhausted and tired, but don’t let that tiredness keep away your excitement and positive attitude– time flies! Always make time for yourself, too.  Do whatever makes you feel like the woman that you are. If you see your self-good, that will help you have a positive approach to your day, no matter how bad you slept!”

Watch their original video here

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