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December 3, 2019

Introducing Personalized Baby & Toddler Gifts for the Holidays and Beyond

Holiday gifting just got a lot more personal – and a lot more fun. We’re here to share some exciting news: you can now customize a curated selection of Munchkin’s bestselling mealtime products! Personalization is a brand-new offering available exclusively at Lunchbox and diaper bag essentials like our stainless steel Snack Catchers and Miracle® 360 cups can now be personalized with children’s names – because their sippy cups and utensils should be as unique as they are.

Toddlers already love Munchkin’s cups and food containers, and they love seeing their names in print even more. Whether you’re customizing holiday gifts, searching for a fun birthday surprise, or buying personalized cups for school, you’ll find the perfect product that says “just for you.” They’ll feel like big kids with personalized Polish™ Utensils and cool kids with a Cool Cat™ Stainless Steel Straw Cup bearing their initials or name. Our personalized gifts are ideal for preschool or day care lunchboxes and siblings who haven’t quite mastered the art of sharing. Easy to identify if they end up in the Lost and Found, personalized kids’ products are always high on a practical mom’s wish list.

Customized goods are inherently special and make thoughtful gifts for any occasion. When it comes to personalized baby gifts, think outside the box and consider giving new parents an engraved sippy cup or dining set. Even though they won’t need them for a while, they’ll appreciate the thought and meaning behind personalizing products their little one will use through various milestones, for years to come. (Toddlerhood will be here before they know it!).


As with anything custom, there are rules to follow. Emojis won’t be accommodated, and profanity will not be tolerated (that goes without saying!). Names are limited to 12 characters, so if your recipient has an extra-long name, consider personalizing with a nickname or initials instead. Pick a product color and font (your favorite between Avenir or Marselis) to let each recipient’s personality shine.

Quality wise, Munchkin’s personalized goods surpass similar products offered by other retailers. Since these are personalized and delivered directly from Munchkin, they’re crafted with the utmost precision and care. Online resellers or third party kiosks may customize products with paint, decals, or other means, many of which have failed the mighty dishwasher test. Munchkin stands by the promise that these custom products are made to last. And they ship out the next business day! We’ll raise a personalized Miracle cup to that.


Ready to get personal? See the full line of customizable baby and toddler products here.

Ani Morgan

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