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Meet The Baby Toon, the Safe Baby Spoon Invented By a Kid


One person really can make a difference.

When she was in second grade, a little girl named Cassidy Crowley entered a science fair in her Honolulu hometown. The theme? Identify a problem, then create a solution. With a baby sister at home, she already knew infants are notorious for chewing on things they shouldn’t. The young inventor quickly identified two problems — most spoons have long ends, and mom gets stressed every time the baby chews on one — and found a way to make baby’s first spoon safer and better. Thus, The Baby Toon™ was born.

What started as a project for the Honolulu District Science and Engineering Fair eventually led to a Season 11 appearance on Shark Tank and an investment from Lori Greiner, becoming a game changer for babies and parents everywhere. Now it’s part of the Munchkin family, with three sweet iterations: elephant, koala, and alligator. What a wild and wonderful journey for this child entrepreneur!

Check out the letter Cassidy sent our CEO, Steven B. Dunn.

Letter From Baby Toon Creator Cassidy

What is The Baby Toon?

Equal parts animal teether and soft baby spoon, the original Baby Toon is a unique elephant shaped spoon (her name is Ellie!). It is designed specifically to eliminate spoon hazards for babies, with a short trunk that doubles as the spoon and a rounded rectangular body that’s safe to chew. What makes The Baby Toon so great is the patented design that limits how far it can go into a baby’s mouth, eliminating an age-old problem with infant feeding spoons. With no sharp angles or ends, the fun shape makes feeding a lot more palatable for both babies and moms. Not only does the trunk only go so far into a baby’s mouth, the elephant body is easy for babies to hold, too. Made of soft, FDA grade silicone, The Baby Toon is extremely gentle on baby’s gums and easy on mom’s conscience, too. Like the wise elephant that inspired its design, it’s a “gentle giant” of baby spoons. And because of its shape, it’s perfect for older siblings who want to help with feedings, because there’s no room for error. It was created with love by a big sister, after all!

From Shark Tank to Munchkin

You may remember seeing Cassidy on Season 11 of Shark Tank, when she wowed judges with her savvy idea and entrepreneurial spirit to match. With the help of her family and a high-quality silicone injection molding company in Albany, NY, her science fair prototype became a full-fledged product that she was able to present. That appearance on Shark Tank solidified a financial boost from Lori Greiner and an eager audience for the innovative infant spoon. Earlier this year, Munchkin announced its newly formed partnership with The Baby Toon. Given the company’s passionate commitment to baby safety, as well as wild animal welfare and conservation efforts, Cassidy’s baby spoons are a natural fit for the Munchkin family.

Introducing Alligator and Koala Baby Toon Spoons

The Munchkin + Baby Toon family has continued to grow! There are now two new additions to Cassidy’s original happy elephant spoon. Say “later gator” to spoon dangers with the adorable new alligator Baby Toon, whose bumpy body makes for an especially great teething toy, or embrace the cutie Koala Baby Toon instead. Both feature short tails as spoons, and are made with the same safe, chewable silicone as the original elephant design, in unique shapes designed to prevent choking or gagging. On their own or as part of an animal collection, these sweet teether spoons can double as educational tools as well – a fun way to teach colors, shapes, and animal names. What can’t The Baby Toon do?

September is Baby Safety Month and we can’t think of a more heartwarming story than the one about the 7-year-old who became an unexpected entrepreneur – all because of her mission to make feeding safer for baby sis. Talk about awe-inspiring (and awww-inspiring, too).

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