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February 15, 2018

Milkmakers' MomRepublic: One Nation Under Lactation Podcast Season 2 is Here

If there’s one thing all new moms can relate to it’s never having a moment where you have both hands free. Reading a book? Forget it. Watching TV? Who has time to focus their eyes exclusively on one thing at a time? Not a mom trying to keep a toddler or a newborn alive. Writing, painting, playing that sport you love- you’re going to have to do it all while holding a baby at the same time for a while.

And that’s why we’ve created MomRepublic: One Nation Under Lactation, Milkmakers’ podcast for new moms. Because with an easy to listen to podcast, you don’t have to be handsfree. You can listen to expert advice and resources anytime, anywhere. Listen to it in the car on your daily commute, while you wash dishes before bed each night, or even as you breastfeed!

Are you feeling alone on your parenting journey? Are you looking for ways to foster more intimacy in your relationship with your partner? Do you need more tips and tricks as you try to navigate life as a new mom? Are you always wondering whether your baby is getting enough to eat?  Every week on MomRepublic we bring you real stories from real moms plus expert advice on how to handle the everyday challenges every new parent faces. We’ll cover breastfeeding, low milk supply, milk sharing, supplementation, community support, body after baby, sex after baby, maternal health around the world, local organizations supporting new moms right in your neighborhood and MORE. Plus, we feature authors like Elizabeth Pantley and Tina Sellers, medical experts like Renee Beebe, IBCLC and Christina Castillo-Hegyi, M.D. and real moms just like you.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to iTunes NOW and SUBSCRIBE to MomRepublic because it takes a village…we’ll be your tribe.