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January 7, 2019

The Only Leakproof Water Bottle You'll Ever Need

It’s finally here–the adult version of our Miracle cup!

Our Miracle® 360° cup has been the number one selling sippy cup for babies and toddlers for years thanks to its spill-proof design. We’ve read all your emails and heard your calls about wanting an adult version of a spill-proof water bottle.  Ta-da! Your requests have been answered.

Miracle® 360° Hydration Bottle

The Miracle® 360° Hydration Bottle holds up to 24 oz of liquid and has a 360° degree drinking rim that seals when not in use. It’s made from BPA-free ultra-durable plastic, meaning if you knock it over at your desk, toss it in your bag, or use it during a workout, there’s no need to worry about water trickling out or it breaking. It functions just like our Miracle cups with easy to assemble parts that can be put into the dishwasher. Plus, it’s slim design was made to fit into most car and exercise machine cup holders. Equipped with a non-slip grip silicone sleeve, you can one-handed grab this cup and keep your day moving while keeping hydrated.


How to Use The Miracle® 360° Hydration Bottle

It’s easy and simple to use the Miracle® 360° Hydration Bottle. Just tilt the bottle back and place your lips anywhere on the 360° edge. Then suck as you would through a straw, this will allow the seal to temporarily lift and water to flow through. Then back to it being a leak-proof water bottle until the next sip!

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