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November 13, 2020

The 2020 Munchkin Holiday Gift Guide

2020 has felt like the longest year ever, but the fast approach of the holidays still managed to surprise us (hey, at least one thing feels familiar!). The season’s signature magic and joy are pandemic-proof, though – and lucky for all of us, in-person shopping frenzies are a thing of the past. If you have little ones on your list, there are plenty of great gift ideas right here in Munchkin’s workshop! To save you time, we’ve curated a fun gift guide for babies and toddlers based on their not-so-little personalities.

To: The Foodie

We’ve all heard of eating the rainbow for health – but you can brighten your dining table with sweet pops of color too, whether your cutie likes greens or not. Perfect for daring diners and picky eaters alike!
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Munchkin 2020 holiday gift guide animal lover

To: The Animal Lover

Some kids give a whole new meaning to the phrase wild child. Does yours want to pet every dog he sees? Our animal-themed gifts are perfect for future wildlife activists, because they highlight conservation in a child-friendly way.
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Munchkin 2020 holiday gift guide little rocker

To: The Little Rocker

Get that mini maestro moving to the groove! Music making plays a positive role in cognitive and social development — and these musical toys hit just the right gifting note.
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Munchkin 2020 holiday gift guide the adventurer

To: The Adventurer

Know a little one who’s always on the go? Toddlers are always up for an adventure – and these travel gifts are perfect for the tiny jet setters in your life. No passport required.
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Munchkin 2020 holiday gift guide the water lover

To: The Water Lover

Some kids were born to make waves! Just add water for some squeaky-clean fun. When bath time is baby’s best time, these gifts are sure to make a splash.
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Match your littlest recipients with the perfect presents and give yourself the gift of time! Check out the full 2020 gift guide here (or last year’s list, which is just as fun) and have a magical season ahead.

Ani Morgan

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