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September 22, 2017

Tayler’s Golden Rules for Traveling with Kids

Maybe you’re a mom to one or a mom to many, regardless of headcount we can all collectively agree that you probably dread the idea of traveling with kids. Noisy, tight airplanes, no at-home conveniences, weird diaper changing scenarios…the list goes on and on. With holidays around the corner, we thought we would bring in an expert to help ease the stresses of traveling and even have a little fun along the way.

Meet Tayler Golden. She’s a fairly recent transplant to Southern California, mom to Remi (3) and Sage (12 months), avid traveler, and creator of Wild Bird Baby Wraps. You might be wondering what this mama can’t accomplish, which is why we turned to her for her best tips on traveling with littles.

Q: Hi Tayler, can you tell us a little about your family?

A: We are a family of four living in Carlsbad, California. My husband, Nate, and I get to work together every day from home. We love not missing a moment with our kids, and we love taking our kids on adventures with us. Most days you will find us at the beach!

Q. When did you first start traveling?

A. My husband and I took our first big trip together when we graduated from college. We backpacked Europe for a month, traveling to England, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Spain.

Q. When did you first decide to travel with kids?

A. Our first trip was with Remy at only 2 months old to Canada. 

Q. How did you feel that first trip differed from your non-parent days of traveling? 

A. I think the biggest shift is that you have to slow down, you can’t have a full-day itinerary and expect your baby to go along with everything. Give everyone adequate time to take breaks, get in naps, and make sure everyone is fed. We had to accept that we weren’t going to see everything and that’s okay.

[su_quote]We had to accept that we weren’t going to see everything and that’s okay.[/su_quote]

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Q. What are your tips for the airport?

A. My big 4 for the airport are:

  1. Get there early!  I cannot stress this enough! You don’t want to feel the pressure of a time crunch because then everyone can feel stressed out (believe me, kids know when you’re stressed and they can express it, too).

2. Babywear. It gives you both hands to use for carrying bags, getting out your ID, or simply just keeping track of another child.

3. Dress smart. Meaning wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off (that goes for the whole family), light, loose clothing, and layers! Airplanes are typically cold and spills can happen with kids, so having an extra layer on hand is convenient.

4. Tire them out! Run around with your kids before getting on the airplane, walk the terminal, get out as much energy as possible before boarding.

Q. What are some suggestions for someone traveling with a child for the first time?

A. Spend money on convenience. We tend to not shop or spend a lot on activities when we travel with the kids. We would rather take the easy route when we can, even if it means spending a little bit more on a room, taxi, or better flight.

Q. What place(s) would you recommend for a first-time traveler with kids?

A. Anywhere with a beach. I love beach trips with kids because the ocean is usually a calm place–my kids always have so much fun and are so relaxed.

[su_quote]I love beach trips with kids because the ocean is usually a calm place.[/su_quote]

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Q. What Munchkin items did you find useful while traveling?

A. We never travel anywhere without our Miracle 360 cups and Snack Catchers! If we didn’t have them we would end up with water and food everywhere.

Q.  Do you suggest bringing babyproofing items for hotels/Airbnb’s?

A.  Yes, it’s so hard when you go to an Airbnb and they have a coffee table with the hardest pointiest corners…this always seems to happen to us. I always pack soft impact corner cushions and a few plug covers to protect those curious hands, which without a doubt will always go for the outlets.

Q. What’s the best parenting travel hack you have? 

A. Someone once told me to bring a new toy that your child has never seen before. It will hold their attention far longer than something that has been played with dozens of times. We like to go to a dollar store and buy a bunch of little toys, wrap them up, and let the kids open them when they are starting to get bored. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 11.00.45 AM

Q. What is your funniest travel story?

A. We were driving from New York to Cape Cod. It was towards the end of our drive and Remy was so over it. I pulled out my parenting hack of a little bag of small toys and handed it to him. I thought it was working and he was happily playing. We arrived at our destination, I turn around, and he has covered his whole face in bright red lipstick. Nate and I died laughing. I guess I accidentally put my lipstick in his toy bag. Oops! 

[su_quote]We arrived at our destination, I turn around, and he has covered his whole face in bright red lipstick.[/su_quote]

Q. If you had to give one tip to parents traveling what would it be?

A. Always be grateful while traveling. Traveling with children isn’t easy or for the faint of heart. There are plenty of opportunities for stress on any trip. Each day focus on the wins and the things to be grateful for. Things won’t always go your way, the weather won’t always be perfect, and your accommodations won’t always be ideal but choose gratefulness instead of bitterness. People truly notice and I promise you’ll have a better trip because of it!

Want to learn more about Tayler?

Follow her personal account here and at Wild Bird Baby Wraps.

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