Munchkin News


March 8, 2020

Women run the world (and smart men support them). Creating an #EachForEqual World.

Spend an afternoon in Munchkin’s Los Angeles office and you’ll see women driving global marketing campaigns, leading brand design and rocking executive positions (44% to be exact). They’re in the C-suite and on the board. Surprised? Neither are we. In a world of Gretas, Malalas and Serenas, why would we accept anything less? Make no mistake, women’s voices change companies, communities and the world. #WomenSupportingWomen? Yes! #MenSupportingWomen? Yaaas!

Progress has been made, but we are far from living in a gender-equal society. The World Economic Forum estimates it will take a shocking 202 years to close the global gender pay gap. Not if Munchkin’s CEO & Founder Steve Dunn has anything to do with it, and girl, does he! 

This International Women’s Day hear how Steve Dunn, CEO and other members of the Munchkin team are supporting gender equality in the office, at home and in their communities. Learn first-hand what it means to work at a company that puts its money where its mouth is and is committed to equal pay—where it isn’t only women championing women’s rights, it’s men fighting for them too.

On supporting women equality at home, in the workplace and in the community.

“Having started an infant and children’s products company, it always seemed obvious that we should staff key positions with women since most of our customers are moms. And I’m proud that 55% of employees at Munchkin are women.”

“Anytime we can support female-run companies—female bankers, female consultants—we take that opportunity. Recently I was introduced to Shark Tank entrepreneur 10-year-old Cassidy Crowley, creator of The Baby Toon spoon. The product is incredibly designed, and I’m so honored to support Cassidy’s creation and bring The Baby Toon to national retailers like Walmart, Target and Amazon.” – Steve Dunn, CEO

“In my free time, I coach a 3rd-5th grade girls’ lacrosse team. It’s empowering to watch them excel in a sport that, when I was growing up, was not as accessible to girls.” – Emily Mallett, Structural Packaging Manager

“My girls see their dad and me sharing responsibilities at home, and they know how important our partnership is!  I couldn’t balance work, parenting & life in general without him being my biggest advocate and supporter- which is why I think it’s so important that men are a part of this conversation as well.” – Karri VanMeetren, Director of Marketing

“I have twins, a boy and a girl, and right now they do everything together and play with the same toys. If my son wants to play with a tiara or put on bracelets, that’s great! I encourage my kids to express themselves however they want, and I don’t attach any connotations on gender.” – Nayira Lucas, Finance Analyst

“I am a proud #GirlDad to my two incredible daughters. I strive to be a good role model for them and raise them to have compassion for others, to work hard to achieve their goals and to know that their voices and opinions matter and are valued. I teach them to enjoy the same opportunities as anyone else, from skating, to snowboarding to volleyball they have the same rights to enjoy life and be treated equally.” – Cesar Barillas, Sr. Digital Designer

On working for a company that is committed to closing the gender wage gap:

“It’s great to know that your company acknowledges your contribution to the work you do. It’s paying in a fair and equal way.” – Yvonne Chan, Director of Product Design

“I feel very positive and proud! In my experience, women create more inclusive workplaces. Their ideas come from a place of bringing people together and thinking holistically. This makes all our lives better.” – Eric Thompson, Director of Global Structural Design and Production

On how men can be involved in the gender equality movement:

“Support the hiring of women in leadership positions, give women the credit they deserve and speak up when you hear others not doing so.” – Nick Trumbo, Sr. Product Designer