Cut yourself some slack.

  • If you own an SUV or minivan, you may need one of our handy Mirror Tether Extenders
  • Designed for use with Brica® auto mirrors
  • Mirror tether strap extends to reach tether anchor in most SUVs, minivans and station wagons
  • Extends your current mirror tether up to an additional 35 inches
  • Compatible with the following Brica® by Munchkin auto mirrors: Swing!™ Baby In-Sight®, Night Light™ Baby In-Sight® Mirror, Baby In-Sight® Auto Mirror, Baby In-Sight® Seesaw Pals; and Baby In-Sight® Magical Firefly™ Auto Mirror

Do you own an SUV or minivan? If you are trying to utilize the car’s tether anchor to increase the stability of your Brica® auto mirror, you may need our Mirror Tether Extender. As the tether anchor attachment method was originally designed for sedans, this tether extender gives the extra length you need to reach the tether in larger vehicles, such as minivans, SUVs and station wagons. Please DO NOT attach this product to your vehicle’s tether anchor if your child’s safety seat is installed and attached to the same anchor.