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Breathe easier.

  • Stock up the nursery with curated home baby health picks
  • Makes a great baby shower, sprinkle or welcome baby gift
  • Theraburpee™ remedy kit includes 2 ultra-soft contoured burp cloths plus 2 hot and cold gel packs
  • Easy to control nasal aspirator sucks out congestion and has 3 different tips for the perfect fit
  • Lab-tested sterilizer includes 4 gold-plated hospital-grade LED UV-C lights for more than 3,000 hours of use
  • Portable air purifier filters 99.7% of micro-pollutants through a 4-stage HEPA filtration system
  • Bundle includes:
    • 1 Theraburpee™ Colic and Fever Rescue Kit
    • 1 ClearNose™ Nasal Aspirator
    • 1 Mini Sterilizer +
    • 1 Air Purifier


There’s no way to prevent sniffles or congestion, and snuggles can only go so far. Be prepared for those inevitable sick days with the Happy & Healthy Baby Bundle! When baby’s under the weather, our hand-picked health essentials will help get both of you through.

Theraburpee™ Colic and Fever Rescue Kit is a multipurpose treatment that uses hot & cold therapy with specially designed burp cloths to soothe a variety of baby ailments. Help ease discomfort the natural way—heat for colic and upset tummy, cold for temperatures, inflammation, and teething pain. Plugged nose in the mix? Forget traditional bulb aspirators; help baby breathe easier with the hose-style ClearNose™ Nasal Aspirator instead. Our internal chamber design reduces contamination risk, doesn’t require a filter, and fits even the tiniest nose! No matter what bug is in your household, germs are no match for the Mini Sterilizer Plus, which uses the power of hospital-grade UV-C light to sterilize pacifiers, teethers, bottle parts and more. This tiny powerhouse safely neutralizes odors and kills 99.99% of the most common household germs including seasonal varieties in 59 seconds! And finally, our portable, personal Air Purifier creates a bubble of clean air around your little one, purifying 7 cubic feet of air per minute. A great companion in the nursery anytime, but especially during a bout with the sickies. Mama, you’ve got this—and we’ve got you with these healthy essentials at 15% off!