Only the finest…

  • Crewneck
  • Snap front closure
  • Long sleeves
  • Beautiful embroidered elephant heraldry
  • A convertible footie to keep feet warm at night and allows bare feet for daytime play. These roll-up legs also allow garment to grow with baby.
  • Shiny brass center snap means quick alignment for easier diaper changes
  • High quality, brushed fabrics - super soft 100% Cotton Rib knit
  • Carefully selected stitches for beauty and comfort
  • Remove all packaging components and wash garment before first use
  • Patents pending
  • Imported


While sleeping in a crib, stroller or car seat, baby’s front is exposed while her back is covered. Only mbaby™ Sleepster® offers a double-layer front for a built-in blanket™ to keep baby’s front warm without overheating her back... helping baby sleep comfortably. This double-layer technology is an important innovation, as the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends creating a safe sleep environment to help reduce the risk of SIDS, and advises to never add pillows, quilts, blankets or cushions to your baby’s crib or bassinet. Every Sleepster® also features a convertible footie to allow for daytime play (and also grows with her).

Designed with the finest 100% Cotton Rib knit with brushed finishing. Our clever and warm striped Sleepster® with built-in blanket™ features all-in-one styling. Its convertible footie rolls up to let baby’s feet feel the daytime sun (and also grows with her). Our crafted inner layer blanket reflects a petite dot print.