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April 16, 2021

Gearing Up for In-Person School

Munchkin® Air Purifier

Gearing Up for In-Person School

File this under things we never thought possible until now — prepping for back to school during spring! If you’re grappling with how best to make the shift from remote learning to in-person school, you’re not alone. Here are some tips and products to keep this transitional time as stress-free (and germ-free!) as possible.

Before the Big Day

During a typical school year, spring is when things begin to wind down, with school festivals, recitals and graduations looming on the not-too-distant horizon. But this is not a typical year, so prepping kids to expect the unexpected is key. After more than a year of online learning, they’re likely giddy with excitement at the prospect of being physically back at school, while also anxious about reemerging from your family’s Covid cocoon. Be sure to take the time to explain how things might look and feel different from what they remember. This may include new masking or distancing rules, temperature checks, closed water fountains, different drop-off times, or sanitizer stations in each classroom. This kid-friendly video from Bluejack Kids helps little ones manage expectations and navigate the big feelings that might accompany going to school after this most unusual year. Assure them that the changes are temporary, but necessary for the time being.

In the Classroom and After School

No matter how diligently a school follows safety protocols, you might still want that extra layer of protection for your kids. Enter the portable, personal Air Purifier — the closest thing to having a bubble of clean air around your child all day. It filters 99.7% of micro pollutants with a unique 4-stage HEPA filtration system and lasts up to ten hours per charge, purifying 7 cubic feet of air per minute. Along with the requisite baggies of hand sanitizer and backup masks, Brica’s Clean-to-Go Wipes™ pack perfectly for school as well – they’re made of 99% water, clip right onto a backpack and are just the right size for cleaning small faces and hands. And if your little scholar is using a tablet in the classroom, the Nursery Sterilizer is a must have. It effectively kills up to 99% of bacteria and viruses with the power of UV-C light. You can sterilize tablets, phones, toys, school supplies and even your keys with 21 hospital-grade LEDs in five minutes flat.

During Recess & Lunch

Sharing is caring, but not when it comes to germs. The best way to keep your little one’s cups and snack containers out of the wrong hands or the lost and found is with personalized lunch gear. There’s no mistaking who’s drinking what with a personalized Cool Cat™ Straw Cup or Miracle® 360° Cup — not only do they look super cool engraved with your child’s name, they’re also made of stainless steel, which is practically indestructible (a must for the preschool set!). When it’s time to eat, personalized Snack+™ Snack Catchers and Polish™ Stainless Steel Utensil Sets help create a special and elevated lunchtime experience just for them. The best part? Unlike other customized items, which have long lead times, these ship out in just one business day.

Whether it’s springtime or September, that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling will always accompany the first day of school. We welcome that excitement with open arms and wish your kiddos the best of luck with their return!

Ani Morgan

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