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January 29, 2021

5 Tips to Consider When Buying a UV Sterilizer for Your Baby

What’s all the hype about UV light? It seems like every brand is hopping on the sterilizing
trend, but it’s time to come clean — not all UV devices are made equal. That’s right, the best ones (like the two offered by Munchkin) are backed by independent labs, have the highest safety standards, and use quality materials for a 360-degree clean. How can you tell the difference between the best vs. the rest? Follow these tips for selecting a UV sterilizer with sparkling results.

1. Investigate ALL UV Sterilizer effectiveness claims.

Not all UV sterilizers are created equally, so do your research! It’s important to double check product claims especially those that promise 99% or more elimination of viruses, germs and bacteria – and make sure they’re backed accordingly.

munhckin portable 59s mini uv sterilizer

Why This Matters
Many companies have not performed independent lab testing to substantiate their claims — even though this ensures safety and peace of mind.

What Sets Munchkin UV Sterilizers Apart

Munchkin performs rigorous testing through multiple independent labs. We’ve tested pacifiers, teethers, toys, nursery products, cell phones, tablets and an array of household items to verify that our UV light sterilizers eliminate up to 99.99% of germs, bacteria and viruses* on these items.
We proudly back our claims!
*Kills 99.7% of H1N1

How Others Compare
Many companies rely on petri dish testing in lieu of third party lab testing, and they don’t test specific products for efficacy.

2. Consider sterilization time and cycles.

There are lots of different sterilizing devices out there and they all work in different ways. Some UV-C sterilizers require multiple cycles to disinfect completely, while others simply provide a time range, which leaves room for error.

why you should buy a uv sterilizer

Why This Matters
You do not want to second guess your sterilizer! Products that provide a sterilization time range may not disinfect all items completely, and multiple cycles might be needed to clean them in full.

What Sets Munchkin UV Sterilizers Apart

  • The Mini Sterilizer, our portable UV sanitizer, cleans pacifiers, teethers and more in just 59 seconds.
  • The Nursery & Toy Sterilizer fully sterilizes toys, stuffed animals and household items like phones, keys, tablets and masks in just one 5-minute cycle.

How Others Compare
Other UV light products require a 3-5 minute or longer sterilization range and/or require multiple cycles for full sterilization, which can take longer and be tough to keep track of.

3. Check for UV-specific child safety features.

The first question on any parent’s mind is whether UV sterilizers are safe to use around babies and kids. The short answer is yes – so long as they’re UL Safety certified, have premium child safety features, and meet regulatory standards (all incredibly important criteria).

children and baby safe uv sterilizer

Why This Matters
Exposure to UV light can cause severe skin burns, eye injuries and increase the risk of cancer. Always check to make sure child safety features provide sufficient protection.

What Sets Munchkin UV Sterilizers Apart
Our UV sterilizers are UL Safety certified. Both the Nursery & Toy Sterilizer and 59S Mini Sterilizer have safety features that prevent them from emitting light if not securely aligned. This not only helps protect adults, but curious children and toddlers as well!

How Others Compare
Many other companies’ products will only auto-shut off when the lid or cover is opened at 45 degrees or greater.

4. Remember that the number and type of UV LED lights matter.

While there’s no magic number to strive for, a sterilizer needs to have enough LED lights for its size to get the job done right. The larger the sterilizer, the more UV lights are required for effective sterilization. Additionally, the majority of brands use either LED beads or Mercury bulbs.

uv-c light sterilizer

Why This Matters
Mercury and ozone exposure is harmful to babies (and humans in general), so LED beads are a much safer choice. Also, fewer lights for similarly-sized products cannot guarantee successful sterilization.

What Sets Munchkin UV Sterilizers Apart
Munchkin uses LED beads, which are safer, more durable, and longer lasting than mercury bulbs. Our Nursery & Toy Sterilizer bag is 11″ × 13.9″ × 8″ and has 21 gold-plated LED beads. The portable Mini Sterilizer measures 2.5″ × 2.5″ × 1.5″ and has 4 gold-plated LED beads.

How Others Compare
Some brands cut costs by using mercury bulbs or limiting the number of LED beads, which can diminish effectiveness.

5. Purchase from a brand you know and trust.

When it comes to sterilizing items that babies and children regularly touch, it’s important to turn to a brand you can unequivocally trust.


Why This Matters
Reputable, national baby brands have high standards for product safety, design, testing and certification — and ours are second to none.

What Sets Munchkin Apart
We have dedicated in-house Quality Assurance and Compliance teams that partner with top, globally recognized labs to validate our product claims. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards to ensure the safety of families like yours.

How Others Compare
While there are countless UV sanitizing products in the market, not all undergo rigorous testing, and very few share Munchkin’s extensive history of innovation, integrity, and development of top-quality baby products.