Munchkin News


September 3, 2019

Animals and People Thriving Together


President and CEO
International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

Protecting animals means saving individual animals today and ensuring their safety for generations to come. On this National Wildlife Day, we couldn’t be prouder to partner with Munchkin in their commitment to animal conservation through the new WildLove line of Miracle® 360° Cups. Now these animals and their habitats can find their place in the hands and heart of every child who will grow up to keep them safe.

We believe there is a human side to animal welfare. It’s no secret that ordinary people have the power to make a difference wherever they live. I have seen what happens when parents teach their children, in the earliest stages of life, to show kindness to animals, to appreciate the sanctuary of our shared earth. Such lessons are an investment in the future and a recognition of the importance of the rich biodiversity of our planet’s species.

At IFAW, we envision a world where both animals and humans thrive alongside one another. As President and CEO – and as a parent and new grandparent – I take this to heart each and every day. I’m grateful Munchkin shares our belief that all animals are a vital inspiration and contribution to our lives, and that as a result, we share a mutual responsibility to care for both the animals and the homes we share. We particularly fell in love with Poppy, the company’s beloved canine president!

This truly innovative collaboration reaches out to our youngest generations and teaches them about the inherent value of animals – both those that surround them as well as those who are oceans away. The beautifully-illustrated WildLove cups are now being welcomed into the homes of today’s families, allowing both children and their parents to make a direct connection with the animals featured on them every single day. The packaging – made with recycled and recyclable materials – offers an inventive opportunity for the child to explore the animal’s habitat. A chance to learn, to appreciate, and ultimately to protect.

Individual animals matter. They can mean the difference between losing or saving an entire species. So by rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing animals, one by one – by protecting their habitats, and helping them flourish—we can save a species. Our partnership efforts allow us to engage with exceptional groups across the globe, from innovative companies such as Munchkin to compassionate peer organizations like The Whale Sanctuary Project, whom we are proud to share this collaboration with. Working together as one, I believe we can create a movement.

The young are our future. I believe it is our collective responsibility to take an active role in protecting wildlife and preserving wilderness for the generations to come. Fifty years ago, IFAW took on one problem threatening one species in one part of the world. Since then we have taken on countless problems threatening more species, including our own, in over 40 countries across the globe. Through our collaboration with Munchkin, we continue to strengthen our tireless commitment. Please help us spread this critical message of stewardship of the natural environment and its animals within your families and communities. Because when we help save animal species, we move one step closer to saving our own species as well.

Azzedine Downes

President and CEO of International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)