Nursery & Toy UV Sterilizer Bag

Kills up to 99% of Bacteria & Viruses with 21 LEDs
Ships free next day!
Ships Free Next Day!

Featuring Nursery & Toy UV Sterilizer


  • Kills Germs in 5 Minutes

    Safely neutralizes odor and kills up to 99% of the most common household germs including seasonal varieties in one 5 minute cycle. Sterilizes toys, stuffed animals, and other items including cellphones and tablets.

  • Child-Safe

    EPA registered establishment and UL Safety Certified. UV light auto shuts-off when the flap is opened and sanitized items are cool to the touch.

  • Premium, Lightweight Bag

    Folds down to a packable size for easy storage and portability.

  • Proven UV-C Technology

    Uses 21 hospital-grade LED UV-C light for a 360° degree clean.

  • Backed by 3rd Party Lab Testing

    Proven to kill Staph, E. coli, RSV, Salmonella, Kleb, Influenza (flu), Human Coronavirus (ATCC VR-740, Strain 229E), and other common germs.

    *The SARS-CoV-2 strain that causes COVID-19 was not specifically tested.

  • Backup Battery Power

    Includes a backup rechargeable lithium-ion battery for use when an outlet is not readily available.

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What People Are Saying

  • “The peace of mind from knowing that your baby’s toys can be cleaned in a snap makes it worth the splurge.”
  • “It cleans all the things so you don’t have to.”
  • “Doesn’t take long at all and will leave your child’s toys germ-free and ready to pick up brand-new germs.”

About Nursery & Toy UV Sterilizer Bag

Item #:
Model #:
EPA Registered Establishment (EPA Est. No. 95175-CHN-1)
Product Dimensions:
11 in. (280mm) x 13.9 in. (350mm) x 8 in. (203mm)
Item Weight:
2.65 lbs. (1.2kg) includes power pack and rack
Batteries Required:
Input Connector:
Micro-USB 2A, 10W
Rated Input:
3-5VDC, 10W Use only with supplied rechargeable power bank (PB2000)
UV-C LED Life:
3000 hours
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Warranty: 1-year Limited Warranty
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  • What are the inside measurements? The interior dimensions of the Munchkin UV Sterilizer is 12”x10”x6.5”.
  • Can phones be sterilized? The Munchkin UV Sterilizer is able to sterilize phones. If you need further assistance with specific electronics, please kindly reach out to our Customer Satisfaction team directly.
    Phone: 800.344.2229
    Text: 805.344.2229
  • What color is the test strip supposed to change to? The test strips for the Munchkin Nursery Sterilizer will become discolored to confirm the device is working properly. If your test strips are not becoming discolored with use, please kindly reach out to our Customer Satisfaction team directly.
    Phone: 800.344.2229
    Text: 805.344.2229
  • Will this remove mold? The Munchkin UV Sterilizer will help kill the bacteria and prevent the mold from advancing but will not remove the mold that is already present.
  • Has the toy sanitizer been independently tested? Is there somewhere we can see results? Our Munchkin UV Sterilizer has been tested by an accredited independent third-party laboratory and has met or exceeded the applicable standards and requirements. Rest assured, for more than 25 years, Munchkin has been a trusted brand that retailers and parents have depended on with confidence, and we work hard to maintain that trust. The safety and well-being of our consumers is our top priority.
  • Is it able to sterilize money? It will sterilize paper money when it’s laid out flat. Coins will likely fall through the inner grate and only get sterilized on one side. Rather than go through 2 sterilizations for coins, I would suggest putting a clear plastic surface on top of the grate so coins don’t fall through yet the UV-C light can still reach their undersides.
  • Do I need to flip my phone and are the UV-C beads replaceable? When placing your phone inside the Munchkin UV Sterilizer, you do not need to flip it around for a second cycle. As for the UV-C beads, if you are experiencing any issues, please kindly reach out to our Customer Satisfaction Team directly.
    Phone: 800.344.2229
    Text: 805.344.2229
  • What is the wavelength specifications of the UV-C lights? No specific range is listed, but UV-C as a rule must be between 200 and 280 nanometers.
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