Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Meet the gifts you’ll love giving – and they’ll love receiving. We’ve curated sweet gift ideas for everyone on your list, so you can find that perfect present in less than half the time. Our holiday gift to you? The title of gift giver extraordinaire (no real effort required).

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Newborn Gifts

For Newborns

Celebrate baby’s first holiday with parent-approved gifts like nursery essentials they didn’t know they needed.

Infant Gifts

For Infants

Babies’ needs change as quickly as they do, and the best gifts for infants make learning fun. Shop our favorites.

Toddler Gifts

For Toddlers

Feeling like a big kid is the ultimate toddler gift. Celebrate their independence with cool picks they’ll use year-round.

Grown-up Gifts

For Grown-Ups

You can’t give them a good night’s sleep, but these thoughtful picks are still high on the “Best Gifts for New Parents” list.

Stocking Suffers

For Stocking Stuffers

Small gifts for your smallest recipients – check. It’s the little things™ that fill their stockings with fun!


For a Healthy Holiday

No matter where the season takes you, keep little ones healthy with the UV Mini Sterilizer - kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses!

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