Milkmakers® Prenatal Iron Supplement Cookie Bites

Chocolate Chip, 6 Bags


  • Delicious classic chocolate chip cookie with a boost of iron for expecting mamas
  • Has twice as much iron as a serving of spinach
  • Made with 7mg of iron (25% recommended Daily Value) per serving
  • Enjoy 1 bag daily — can be taken in conjunction with your prenatal vitamin
  • For more information and FAQs, visit our Claims Page
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Maintaining proper iron levels is crucial during pregnancy, since your body provides support to your baby around the clock. But iron supplements can have unwanted effects for expectant moms, who may already be dealing with nausea or constipation. Milkmakers® Iron Supplement Cookie Bites are here for you! Made with twice the iron in a serving of spinach and fiber rich oats, these mini chocolate chip cookies pack a powerful and delicious nutrient punch. If food is a love language, these pregnancy cookies deliver a double dose: iron for your growing baby and a tasty snack for you. Indulge guilt free while enjoying a gentle iron boost. When you’re eating for two, there’s nothing sweeter than a treat that doubles as nourishment! Enjoy 1 serving of cookies daily. Do not exceed 2 bags of cookies daily unless directed by your doctor or healthcare provider.

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