Baby Gates & Child Safety Gates

Baby Gates & Child Safety Gates

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  1. Easy Close XL™ - Bronze
    Easy Close XL™ - Bronze
  2. Easy Close XL™
    Easy Close XL™
  3. vibe
    vibe™ Ice Baby Gate
  4. vibe
    vibe™ Cherry Baby Gate
  5. vibe
    vibe™ Lime Baby Gate
  6. luna™
  7. Wood & Steel™
    Wood & Steel™
  8. Auto Close Modern™
    Auto Close Modern™
  9. Auto Close™
    Auto Close™
  10. Loft™
    Loft™ Baby Gate
  11. Safety Gate Adjuster with Locking Nut
    Safety Gate Adjuster with Locking Nut
  12. Safety Gate Wrench
    Safety Gate Wrench

14 Items

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Baby Gates

When your baby starts crawling or cruising, you have a tiny explorer on your hands! Always on the move and curious about how far they can go. Crawlers and walkers are unstoppable - until you place some quality baby gates around the house!

While it’s certainly important for your little one to explore, baby gates are critical for keeping them safe and away from stairs or any other harmful areas.

Choosing Your Baby Gate

We carry a wide array of safety gates, so you’ll be able to find the design that complements your home best, including decorative metal, bronze, steel and wood. You’ll also find various styles of baby gates to meet your needs. Choose from auto close, quick install, extra-wide extending and other types of gates. Be sure to consider our collection of vibe™ baby gates as well, which feature sleek, modern designs and both one-way opening for stairs and two-way opening for doorways.

Our gates are mounted in one of three ways:

  1. Hardware-mounted gates are usually installed by drilling into the surrounding walls
  2. Pressure-mounted gate require no drilling and rely on pressure to stay in place.
  3. Double duty gates can be mounted both ways. Many of our pressure-mounted gates include hardware for extra safety.

Before purchasing your baby gate, be sure to measure the size and width you'll need to cover your space. While most safety gates are designed to fit standard doorways, some fit wider spaces, and gate extensions are also available. For tips on how to babyproof your home, use our helpful babyproofing checklist to ensure you have all the bases covered for keeping your precious one safe.