Parenting Tips


December 3, 2017

You Are Enough, Mom: 3 Truths Every New Mom Needs to Hear

Milksharing, supplementing, sleep training, co-sleeping, elimination communication, potty training…conflicting information comes at you fast as a new parent. It can be hard to know what’s best for baby. And often, as a new mom, you feel like you’re failing if things don’t go as planned.

But what if we changed the narrative around being a new mom? Here are 3 lessons I learned as a new mom that helped me banish mom guilt for good.

1. Trust yourself.

When my daughter’s pediatrician told me to supplement with formula because of jaundice when my daughter was just days old, the advice seemed off to me. I agonized over what to do, but ultimately, I decided to go with my gut and get a second opinion. That decision is likely the single most important one in determining whether or not I would breastfeed her (and her younger siblings.)

2. Know that you are enough.

In the information age, it can be hard to remember that while it’s nice to have research and resources, ultimately just you as you are is good enough for baby. All your baby wants and needs is YOU present and available to him or her. Just by being you, you are already giving your baby the most important gift: yourself.

3. Motherhood is hard (it’s okay to have bad days.)

I wish that someone had told me just how hard motherhood was and that, it’s ok if you’re not enjoying every second. Who loves getting up at 3am? Every. Single. Night. Everyone has bad days, and you will, too. Don’t allow yourself to feel discouraged that maybe every so often you never make it out of your pajamas or the house. I promise you, EVERY MOM can relate.