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March 6, 2019

You Only Need These 9 Things for a Newborn Baby

Photo: @Sarahstage

The number of baby products you need can feel overwhelming at first. Any quick trip to Target or Buy Buy Baby and you’ll find that there are many many aisles dedicated to these tiny humans you’re about to bring into the world. (How come the smallest things need the most stuff?)

But, we’re here to give you a quick and easy list of what’s ACTUALLY essential. This doesn’t mean you will only ever need these things for baby, as they grow and change so will their needs.

The Baby Needs Basics 

Car Seat & Stroller Travel System

Baby’s first ride home from the hospital may be the scariest drive you’ll ever go on! But, that’s why it’s crucial to do your homework and choose a car seat and travel system that can put your mind at ease. Read this great roundup from Babylist for travel systems here.

Why do we love a travel system? It means your car seat is made to click right into your stroller, which means less attachments or pieces to worry about bringing with you. You have enough other items to worry about…

Diapers, Wipes & Bottles

This one may seem so obvious to you because they’re the first items that come to mind when you think of a baby.

Stock up On Diapers

Here’s our point, you can never have too many diapers or wipes, and you’ll want options. A good insider tip is to stock up when you see a sale in various sizes. Buy newborn sizes sparingly, you’ll only use them for a short while and sometimes newborns go straight into a size 1! It’s also not a bad idea to buy different brands, believe it or not not all diapers are created equal and neither are baby bodies. Once your baby is here you may find you like one brand over another for their fit and absorption.

Have an Assortment of Wipes

Wipes can be the same as diapers, some babies have more sensitive skin than others, so have a few brands in the beginning. Once established you can set up a subscription for diapers and wipes on sites like Amazon and Target!

Bottle Options Required

Not to sound like a broken record, but bottles fall in the “what will my baby like category,” too. Buy a few single-pack options before commiting to a big purchase, then once your feeding routine is established place your amazon order for the bottles you like! Even if you’re planning on breastfeeding you should plan to have some bottles on hand. Letting someone else feed the baby is great for you and them as you’ll get a much needed break and someone like dad can enjoy the feeding time bond.

Bathtime Essentials

A bathtub, baby soap, and washcloths. That’s it. Okay maybe a towel, but you probably have one of those already. Yes, we know how cute the hooded ones are, but what we’re trying to point out are the absolute essentials.

Baby’s first bath is a fun moment for everyone. So having a convenient tub that helps support your new baby is important. As for a preferred soap, ask your pediatrician, but we love what our friends over at Tubby Todd offer!


Crib, bassinet, Rock N Play, Dock A Tot…take your pick, they all serve the same function!

We see a lot of new parents worry about where their baby should sleep. If you ask any experienced parent they’ll tell you a lot of times it was on them in those early days. And some parents will swear by one sleeping solution over another, but like we mentioned previously every baby is different. Choose one sleeping item and stick with it for a while before going out and buying 3 alternatives.

Swaddles & White Noise

There’s lots of great literature about the benefits of swaddling and white noise. It imitates the environment of the womb, making adjusting to the outside world a little easier on your new baby. Invest in a few swaddles and a white noise machine to maxmize baby’s sleep time.

All You Need is Love

Research shows that skin to skin time improves baby’s ability to regulate body temperature and heartbeat, enable breastfeeding, and helps the baby feel safe.

Newborn babies need lots of love and cuddles, so snuggle up with your baby and enjoy your time, it will zoom right by.