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September 29, 2017

Babyproofing Checklist

Babies are curious by nature, which can mean they like to get into a lot of things–and that can lead to trouble! Let us help you with easy and safe solutions for babyproofing your home and putting your mind at ease. Follow our easy checklist of areas to babyproof in your home.

1. Off-limits rooms and stairways

A baby gate may seem like an obvious solution here, but not all baby gates are built alike. Take the time to measure each doorway and stairway (width and height) and buy a gate with the proper mounting hardware for each location. It is recommended to use a hardware-mounted gate on any stairway opening, top or bottom, and a pressure-fit or removable style for doorways. Additional features like a two-way opening door, double-locking mechanisms, and auto-closing hinges bring a new layer of safety to each zone, too. Our Sure Shut Gate closes easily, is hardware mounted, and has no bar on the bottom, helping to avoid any tripping hazards!

2. Outlets

Outlets typically won’t become an issue until your baby starts crawling, but this is one of those areas where you should be in the habit of keeping covered at all times even at the very beginning of baby’s life. Outlet covers are inexpensive and easy to keep in place at all times. Added bonus, these ones will match your outlet and not become an unsightly eyesore.

3. Sharp Corners

Once you have a baby you might find yourself looking around the house and feeling like suddenly every piece of furniture you own is a hazard! It’s okay, don’t go selling your coffee table or giving away all your sharp-corner items just yet. Corner cushions easily hug onto sharp edges and protect little ones from unwanted pokes. Add them to tables, fireplace corners, and any other sharp edges for added comfort.

4. Drawers & Cabinets

Little ones are supposed to be curious and things like opening drawers and cabinets come with the territory, too! Keep your littles out of places they shouldn’t be and maybe avoid a few messes along the way with our Multi-use Latches. Places like under the kitchen sink and anywhere you have chemicals are kept away from baby securely while making it easy for you to access them.

5. Bathroom

Slips and falls are prone to happen, especially in the bathroom! Prevent an accident waiting to happen and big ouchies by using a non-slip mat in the bottom of your tub and a spout cover over the faucet. You can also prevent unwanted burns by using products with white technology like our Duck Tub. 

Happy babyproofing, you’ve got this!

Melissa McCartney

Melissa has been writing for 10 years about a little bit of everything. For work, she manages all things content at Munchkin, but her real boss in life are her two red-headed daughters ages 6 months and 4 years.