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December 22, 2020

Easy Ways to Get Organized for the New Year

Brica® Out-N-About™ Trunk Organizer & Changing Station

Brica® Out-N-About™ Trunk Organizer & Changing Station

This has been a topsy-turvy year to say the least, so here’s an idea in the spirit of 2020: why not start tackling some doable resolutions before New Year’s Day? Since many of us are still hunkered down for the foreseeable future, here are some quick, achievable ideas for refreshing your living space and getting organized ahead of the new year.

Set Your Intentions

If you had high hopes for the early days of quarantine but didn’t quite tackle that whole house organization project you were dreaming of, you’re not alone. Sure, many people used their homebound time that way, but many others (myself including) felt defeated by a year that served up more stress than joy. A proven way to reclaim some of that joy is to start organizing your home, one area at a time.

Grab some post-it notes and jot down a mini project on each one, no matter how small (cleaning out your purse, wallet or makeup bag counts just as much as organizing an entire closet or car). Fold them up and put them in a bowl, then have your child pick a surprise task for you to work on each day (or each week, no pressure at all!).

Every Drop Counts

Drop by drop, a bucket eventually fills with water. It’s all about embracing baby steps, especially this year. The idea is to tackle a single zone at a time – think super granular, like one drawer, one cabinet, or one category of items (like mail or cleaning supplies). Allow yourself up to 30 minutes of time to work; you’ll be surprised at how far you can get while in the zone. Think of the satisfaction you’ll feel each time you open that pantry or junk drawer! You’re much more likely to follow through when you take a digestible, one and done approach. Otherwise, a big closet cleanout or major organization project will overwhelm you — and stop you in your tracks before you even begin. Your post-it may feel like “just a drop in the bucket” but at the end of the day, every drop matters.


In the Bath

Your kids’ bathroom longs to be the serene sanctuary it was meant to be, but most days, there are toys all over the tub and wet towels lining the floor. Get organized by adding a few fun elements that may even inspire toddlers to clean up after themselves. “Personalized” towel hooks are inexpensive and easy to hang at kid-friendly eye levels. You can opt for favorite animal hooks to represent each child, so they never mix up their towels or robes (imagine how adorable a sloth hook and matching towel would be!). Going vertical is a smart way to tame their toys as well. The Super Scoop™ bath toy organizer mounts to tile or tub walls to drain and dry (bonus: it’s very on trend with its gray and white palette), while the High ‘n Dry™ Bath Organizer stashes your little squirt’s stuff in a corner, off the floor. And if you have very little ones at home, check out the Quack Bath Caddy. It extends across the tub, creating a barrier between babies and spouts while keeping toys contained (safety and organization, check!).


In the Nursery

Messes are proof of a well-lived life, so we try to embrace them as much as we can. But even in the blurry chaos of life with a newborn, tiny organization steps can help your day run a lot more smoothly. The Nursery Organizer offers a sleek and simple way to corral baby’s things and keep diapering or bathing essentials within reach, and there’s room for decorative baskets to streamline the look. An aesthetically pleasing laundry hamper can also double as an out-of-sight storage solution for small toys and knickknacks. And if you don’t already have a dedicated diapering station, this portable Diaper Organizer can go where you go. Keep it stocked and ready in different parts of the house, so you can be a quick change artist in the living room, nursery and beyond.

In the Car

If you’re riding around with junk in the trunk (and the backseat, the floor, and virtually every other surface of your car), you’re not alone. It’s like a parenting badge — at least that’s what I tell myself! Ditch the trash can on wheels with this easy trick. Whether your precious cargo requires diaper changes or not, the Brica Out-n-About™ trunk organizer and changing station is a genius thing to have on hand. You can use it to keep extra face masks, wipes, sunblock, hats, socks, water bottles and nonperishable snacks in the trunk (and of course diapers too, if your cutie isn’t yet potty-trained).

Distance Learning Stations

We’d be remiss if we left remote school workstations off the list of areas to organize. Winter break is a great time to tackle the avalanche of textbooks, worksheets and loose leaf papers overtaking the house. A rolling utility cart or three-tiered shelf is the perfect catchall for the endless stream of papers and art supplies. You can also go vertical with a cute, space-saving storage unit that hangs on the wall – perfect for dividing by subject or kid. We’re big fans of magnetic floating bookshelves as well, especially these design-forward superhero ones. They’re not big enough for textbooks though, so save them for chapter books instead.

2021 is the clean slate we all desperately need. Here’s to getting a few steps closer to a fresh start in every sense!

Ani Morgan

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