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August 5, 2019

Essential Baby Travel Gear for a Summer Road Trip

With summertime comes family trips and, if this will be your first time traveling with a baby, you’ll definitely want to be prepared for the exciting journey ahead! Whether you’ll be taking a short trip or a long one, having some essential baby travel gear will make the entire experience less stressful and a whole lot more fun for everyone.

Top Baby Travel Items for a Summer Road Trip

Sure, traveling with a baby can be a bit unpredictable, but it will be much more manageable with the six baby travel items below.

  1. Baby Carrier – Many travel destinations aren’t stroller-friendly, so having a carrier to put your baby in will save you a lot of hassle and unnecessary stress. Look for one that’s compact enough to fit in your diaper bag so that it’s convenient to travel with. Even if you don’t think you’ll need one, bring one with you – you’ll be surprised at the situations where having a baby carrier will come in handy.
  2. In-Car Entertainment – For times when your baby isn’t sleeping in the car, you’ll want to have a few favorite toys to keep him or her entertained for a bit. Traveling flash cards, baby car mirrors and the Mozart Magic Cube are popular sellers that are always adored by babies.
  3. Travel-Friendly Car Seat Support – It’s important to keep your baby’s head and neck as comfortable as possible in his or her car seat, especially when they’ll be riding in one for longer than usual. Get a head and neck support cushion that goes into your baby’s car seat and rest assured your baby will be well protected and cozy.
  4. Travel Mat – With a portable travel mat that you can easily stash in your diaper bag, you’ll be able to enjoy relaxing on the beach or stopping for a picnic break when you come across a park in your travels.
  5. Diaper Changer – The more you travel with your baby, you’ll realize that, more often than not, it’s more convenient to change your baby’s diaper in your car than to waste time trying to find a clean public space to do so. This is why having a diaper changer is essential for making any trip easier, including day trips. (If you really want a full setup, get this trunk organizer and changing station, which makes changing a diaper on the road almost as easy and comfortable as when you’re doing it at home.)
  6. Convenient Diaper Bag – Last, but certainly not least, having a diaper bag is an absolute must whenever you go anywhere – and is even more essential when taking a summer road trip.

The last thing you need to be concerned about when you’re far from home is not having something you need for your baby, such as a change of clothes and his or her favorite toys. Having a spacious diaper bag that can store all of your must-have items and is comfortable to wear will be a lifesaver.

With these items in your travel arsenal, you’ll be well-equipped to embrace summer traveling with your little one. And if you need some more helpful information before you set off on your summer adventure, read our tips for long car rides with kids and tips for babies that cry in the car.