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May 31, 2019

The Best Gear for Family Picnics

I am a mom who believes in exploring the world with my kids. We love traveling as a family all over the United States. Once a year my husband and I take our kids on a big international family trip to explore new cultures and make memories.

Let me tell you a playbook we’ve stolen from most European families: dinner is meant to be enjoyed picnic style often.

I often overthink dinner, over-pack what to eat, and make a big production out of a simple picnic. But grabbing a baguette and fine cheese work well in Europe, surely it can anywhere you live!

We try to turn dinner into picnics often. We’ve even found out how to picnic with toddlers, sharing 10 family picnic ideas: tips for picnicking with kids over on my blog. But let me give a spoiler here: one of them is packing lightweight, and one is packing the right gear. Believe it or not, those two things can coincide perfectly, it just takes a few key items to set your family up for simple, regular picnics without stress.

And guess what, Munchkin makes the perfect items that are lightweight and easy to pack! Here are the top items you’ll need for family picnics with kids:

1. Brica® Go Play™ Travel Mat

We’ve done blankets and other mats before, and always find ourselves weighed down or worried about spilling and messes.

This play mat is our #1 must have! It folds up to be compact and easy to attach to any bag in its self-contained carry bag. It unfolds smoothly and quickly. Also, it’s incredibly lightweight!

But don’t think that means it isn’t solid or won’t stay put. Weighted corners help hold it in place. it keeps you clean and dry from the ground. And perhaps best of all, it’s so easy to wipe clean, fold up, and take home. Plus, it’s machine washable, so you can clean up even easier.

2. Miracle® 360° Cups

I’m in love with the Miracle® 360° Fruit Infuser Cups in both the kid and the adult versions! We can add a little fruit to the bottom container, and water to the top. It’s sealed, and I don’t have to worry about leaks.

This cup makes water taste great and feel fun. Plus, my kids stay hydrated and clean (or at least cleaner!) while playing at parks and scenic areas.

3. Brica® GoBoost Travel Booster Seat

Anyone who has a wiggly baby knows they likely won’t stay on the mat for long! It can also be a bit tricky to prop them up to feed them. The Brica Booster seat lets us pack all our Miracle 360 cups and baby food in the seat, and easily carry it to the park.

 It safety attaches to chairs or sits on the ground. It’s such a great tool to make your baby feel like they’re in a high chair on-the-go.

4. Munchkin Splash Toddler Divided Plates

I love being eco-friendly whenever possible, and divided plates make it so easy! They are prefect for toddlers (and adults!) to eat all the picnic finger foods. But they are also easy to clean and lightweight to tag along.

Camille Whiting

Camille and her husband made a pact when they got married - one date a week no matter what! In her lifestyle blog we share our weekly dates, our family activities, and our favorite highlights of our life in hopes that readers feel inspired to go have their own experience feeling the lyrics "Friday I'm in Love".