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May 8, 2019

Laundry Organizing

Let me start off by saying that my husband is an athlete and my kids are the type who can’t even make it out of the house without getting something on their clothes.  For years, laundry has been “the enemy” because I was just in constant battle with it- and it always won. Remnants of food and other unknown substances clinging on for dear life, clothes always coming out more faded than they went in, and, worst of all, the stench on my husband’s workout clothes lingering around and tainting the innocent ones.

One day I just had enough and decided to lay these never ending laundry battles to rest once and for all.  Below I’ll share my Top 5 Unconventional Laundry Tips that will help keep your clothes looking fresh and make this tedious chore a little less painful! Because let’s face it, as long as we’re living- or at least have wild little children and stinky spouses – dirty laundry is here to stay


Maybe I’m the only one, but for years I would wash everything in hot water thinking that it was the best way to get my clothes the cleanest.  While it’s true that hot water kills the most germs and bacteria, it also does the most damage by making fabric weaker and causing colors to fade.  Refer to this Washer Water Temperature Guide to ensure that you are using the proper heat settings for each load.


Everyone has heard of sorting by color, but did you know that sorting by the weight and thickness of items can ensure a more thorough wash? Think of it this way: if your flimsy little t-shirt enters with a few big bulky sweatshirts, it’s likely that the more dense items will be getting more attention in the machine.  Personally, I wash all sweatshirts, jeans, and other “heavy” items together, and t-shirts, undergarments, and other lightweight bottoms together. Doing so also ensures all items dry at the same rate, too!


You will save so much time when it comes to sorting, folding, and putting clothes away if each load belongs to one person.  I wash the kids’ clothes together, because they share a dresser and the items are so tiny, but I keep mine and my husbands separate. This tip is extremely helpful if you have more than 2 kids or your kids have their own rooms!


I try to air dry almost all of my kid’s clothes because they can easily become dingy and faded with how frequently they need to be washed. Air drying will not only cause your clothes to last longer, not shrink, and have less wrinkles, it’s also environmentally friendly!


Whether it’s grass stains, green bean puree, or my husband’s gut wrenching workout clothes, separating out the items that are extremely soiled ensures they are able to receive the proper TLC that they deserve. The heavily soiled items typically need to be treated with a stain remover or be pre-soaked in a special solution and while these loads are usually the smallest, they are definitely the most important! Be sure to wash this load as frequently as possible as the longer the stains sit, the harder they will be to get out.

What are your top laundry tackling tips? Tell us in the comments below.

Mikayla Shocks

Mikayla is an influencer from Los Angeles who shares her unfiltered life experiences as a working wife and mother of two little girls. She has become well-known on social media for being able to connect with readers of all ages with her honesty and transparency. Head to her blog at to learn more about her and her family!