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May 24, 2018

Lifesavers for a Mom of Four

With three boys and one more on the way, there’s a persistent mantra in the back of my head: simplify, simplify, simplify. Anything that doesn’t serve a purpose, any thing that cramps our daily ebb and flow is out the door faster than you can say Rescue Bots.

So I’m sharing my tried and true baby and kid products that I’d recommend to all other moms who are desperate for less clutter and more fun.


Our family of five (almost six!) shares a 1100 sq ft bungalow in the Bay Area. Space is at a premium. These are things that 1) I can always count on and 2) don’t get in my way. (They have to be absolutely necessary to win a spot in our teeny tiny bathroom.)

Miracle Cup

Best sippy cup in the world. I should know. I’ve bought 4,000 leaky ones. Try this one to keep milk or a smoothie cold longer.

Bath Squirt Toys and Bath Toy Scoop

Maybe bath toys don’t seem necessary. But then you throw in a couple squirt toys and realize your kids will happily double the time of their bath because they’re having so much fun. These pull apart and won’t mold. And they’re so cute so I don’t mind seeing them 24/7. Store them in this easy-to-use scoop on the bathtub wall.

Latch Baby Bottle

The only bottle that worked for my predominantly breastfed kids. It mimics the natural sucking motion of a breast and helps prevent colic. You can get it in 4 oz, 8 oz, or the whole newborn set including the convenient bottle brush.



Tubby Todd All Over Ointment

My kids have sensitive skin and more bumps, scratches, and scrapes than any other kids I know. We keep this magical ointment on hand to rub on their hands, bottoms of their feet, scrapes, and on mysterious rashes every night. It’s unscented and somehow clears the scaly skin and bumps overnight. Love this stuff.

Beautiful children’s books

Between my husband who is a designer and me as a writer, we are pretty picky about children’s books. They are not all created equal. Some of our favorites include the Journey trilogy, I Want My Hat Back, Martha Moth Makes Socks, and The Farm Anatomy/Nature Anatomy/Food Anatomy series. We also love classics like Are You My Mother?, Make Way For Ducklings, Love You Forever.

If you have an early reader like us, we’ve loved making our way through Roald Dahl chapter books. It’s so much fun reading Charlie and Chocolate Factory and then sharing the classic original movie of my childhood with my kids. Of course, there’s always the classics like Dr. Seuss, Beverly Cleary, and Judy Blume, too.

H&M underwear

Who knew it would be so hard to find soft, long-lasting underwear for toddler boys? We’ve had great luck with the affordable H&M 3-packs. Also love how soft and durable the Uniqlo boxer briefs are.

Micro Kickboard scooters

I owe this brand a thank you letter. My three boys love their scooters and because of their unique design, kids as little as 18 months can get the hang of it. I recommend getting this one for toddlers and this one for big kids. They’re a little pricier than your typical scooter, but they last much longer (through multiple kids!) and are easier for kids to use. (Don’t forget a helmet!)

Robot Pinball

Remember these? We skip the iPad in the car and use these classic toys to keep the kids busy on longer drives, or just preschool pickup.

Natives Sandals

We’ve long loved classic Natives slip ons, but just discovered they make sandals too. Three pair were $75 and so far we love them. The velcro straps make it easy for kids to put them on themselves and I love the bright colors. My kids are super hard on their clothes and shoes and these still look new. They’re waterproof too.

Target diapers & Kirkland Signature Wipes

I know everyone has personal preferences on baby bum care, but these two make a budget-friendly, efficient purpose for our big family.

A few other purchases that make my daily mom life so much easier:

  1. My Thule double stroller
  2. Instant Pot
  3. This colorful disco light for impromptu dance parties (especially during the winter when it gets dark so early).
  4. My library card
  5. These nail clippers
  6. My Pixel phone and its awesome camera
  7. Amazon Prime (One day delivery for birthday gifts and Tumbleleaf!)

What about you? What are your all-time favorite baby/kid gear purchases? What’s made your life that much easier? Share in a comment below or tag us on Instagram @munchkin_inc.

Koseli Cummings

Koseli is a copywriter based in the Bay Area whose clients include Airbnb, Penguin, Red Tricycle, and Design Mom. When she's not writing or podcasting, you can bet she's at a Berkeley park with her four boys.