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June 10, 2018

A Mom’s Journey Through Toddler Milestones

Hi there! My name is Amy Davidson and I am so happy to guest blog here on My son Lennox is 27 months old, and with every milestone so far — bottles to sippy cups, high chairs to boosters – we’ve had Munchkin by our side.

Growth spurts, toddler waking, night terrors, transitioning out of cribs… the list of things to talk about with fellow moms is endless. But the common thread is that our babies are growing up, whether they are newborns or 18-year-olds. Every milestone is amazing yet bittersweet, so today I’m sharing how I’m holding onto each moment as my son grows.

Lately, I’m hyper-aware of how quickly time passes. 2018 is half over and I can’t wrap my brain around the momentum! How is it June already? It feels like we just celebrated Len’s 2nd birthday (in March). Lennox sits at the table now, in a booster seat (goodbye, high chair)! He no longer needs me to spoon feed him, and he wants to try using the potty. He even asked for big boy underpants! Time, can you please slow down? Are you feeling it, too?

Lennox is becoming more independent, which pulls on my heartstrings. He yanked his hand away from mine the other day, and last week, he didn’t run to me for a hug when I got home. He barely said hello! Sigh. He still asks to be carried, though, so I’ll hold on to that. All 34 lbs. of sweetness. Up and down the stairs, all day!

As much as I love our Elevate booster seat, I can’t help but reminisce that this tiny human who now has full on conversations with us used to fall asleep at the very same table. It was so incredibly sweet holding him swaddled in my arms, trying not to wake him while I scarfed down my meal. Sweet AND hard. #momlife, right? But no matter what, time passes, and slowly but surely I’m learning to be ok with it. Lennox is now a little boy, and as moms, we must remind ourselves to just breathe.

As we accept the rate at which our children grow, we can focus on gratitude for the people around us that we can count on for love and support. I am blessed to have a mom tribe that I can share my thoughts with, and I hope you do too! As an extension of that support system, I think it’s just as important to find brands you can believe in and trust. Munchkin has been part of our lives for two years now, and we’re always discovering something new that we can’t live without.

One of our favorites is the SnackCatch & Sip 2-in-1 Snack Catcher and Spill-Proof Cup. Lennox finds this cup easy to hold and maneuver, so he can guzzle his water and grab his goldfish practically at once! A few weeks ago, on a neighborhood walk, we came across a festival at a nearby middle school. Lennox got out of his stroller to watch the band play (refusing to hold my hand again). As he danced to the music, I asked if he wanted me to hold his cup, but he refused to let it go. Even after the water and crackers were gone, he was sucking on the straw like a pacifier (there go those heartstrings again). In a way, he’s just like his mama, holding fiercely onto each moment and memory.

What about you? Do you have any favorite products or tips to help time slow down (or at least help you stay more in the moment)? Comment below with your stories and insights. Thanks for joining in on the conversation!


Amy Davidson