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May 22, 2018

Baby Nursery Essentials from a Seasoned Mom

I couldn’t wait to start on the nursery this go around. Decorating and stocking the nursery is always one of those moments that make it more real. And since this is the third and final baby for us, I’ve had a vision of what I wanted it to look like and how I wanted it set up.

But in addition to being “pretty”, I also needed to make it functional. And since this isn’t my first rodeo, there are a few things I knew I needed in the nursery to make my life easier.

Munchkin has been a brand I’ve known and loved for 7 years. And a lot of these things I had with my son 7 years ago, so it was a no-brainer I needed them again for this baby.


You’ll be surprised at how many clothes your little one goes through! I love this hamper because it’s gender neutral and totally sleek looking. I also love that it has a top to it and a handle to easily carry it to the laundry room.


Nursery Organizer

I like to keep this in the closet for towels, socks, blankets, etc but it could also be a piece in the nursery as well. It’s super lightweight so you’ll want to keep light things on there. I’ve also used it for extra diaper storage, onesies, and more!

Diaper pail + refills

This is an absolute must for any nursery. You’re going to go through a lot of diapers and you don’t want to have to run them to the garbage every single time. And as they get older, diapers tend to get less and less pleasant smelling. This diaper pail locks in the odor and keeps the nursery and house smelling fresh.  I love the step feature so you don’t have to use your hands to open it!


Travel changing pad

You’re not always in the nursery so I liked to have one of these to take with me on the road or even just have around the house. You can leave it in a place like the living room or somewhere too so you don’t have to trek to the nursery every time baby needs a new diaper.

Diaper Organizer

Another must-have! I can store diapers, wipes, lotions, etc right here on the dresser next to the changing table so I have everything I need during diaper changes.  I love that this matches the hamper and is super chic and gender neutral as well.


Sound machine

Babies aren’t used to silence. In fact, they’re used to the noise on the outside because they heard it for 9 months in the womb. This portable sound machine has three different sounds; shushing, white noise, and heartbeat. And it’s been a lifesaver for all of my kids. I still sleep with a white noise machine and my older kids do too!

It’s hard to know what you’ll need and what you won’t need when it comes to babies. But trust me when I say, all of the items listed above are nursery essentials.

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Samantha Curtis