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February 10, 2020

6 Nursery Essentials That Are Worth Splurging On

Getting a baby’s nursery ready is a fun, creative endeavor. As you gather inspiration for your nursery design (check out ourfavorite nurseries!), you’ll find a ton of beautiful items. But when it comes time to move from dreaming and planning to actually designing and making purchases for your nursery, you’ll want to know what the nursery must-have items are.

While there are many items you can don’t need to spend top dollar for, there are some nursery essentials that are worth splurging on.

What Do You Need in a Nursery? 

Below are 6 nursery essentials you’ll feel good about spending extra money on.

1. Diaper Pail

While it’s easy to dismiss a diaper pail when you’re caught up in the excitement of designing your nursery, trust us that this is one item that you’ll be so thankful to have once your baby arrives! OurSTEP™ Diaper Pail features a self-sealing system that locks in odors AND the bag stays sealed when the lid is opened – keeping your baby’s room smelling fresh and clean.

2. Crib Sheets

You’ll quickly find that crib sheets get a ton of use, so it’s worth every penny to splurge on ones that are not only cute, but are also soft and durable.  

3. Glider Chair

A glider chair will become one of your favorite spots in your home. You’ll spend hours feeding, rocking and reading to your baby in this precious

chair so be sure to invest in one that’s built to last and that is super comfortable. This staple piece of furniture will be used for years to come, as you can move it into your own room after the baby years!

4. Crib

A crib is another long-term purchase and is well worth investing in a quality one. Two of the best options are: 1) A solid crib that transitions to a bed when your child reaches the right age or 2) A 4-in-1 crib that will accommodate your growing child by converting to a toddler bed, then a day bed and, finally, a full-size bed.  

5.Sound Machine

White noise is fabulous for helping your baby sleep at night – and may be exactly what you need to get some sleep yourself! TheShhh…™ Portable Sound Machine features a compact design and is perfect for your home and to take with you when traveling with your baby. Choose from three noises – shushing, heartbeat and white noise – and set a timer that will automatically turn the unit off. OurNursery Projector & Sound System is another great option, with both sounds and images that will calm and lull your baby to sleep.

6.Baby Monitor

Having a baby monitor will enable you to keep an eye on your little one from anywhere in your home – giving you peace of mind and the freedom to get a load of laundry or dishes done – or just relax! – while your baby naps.

If you want to get really fancy, you can choose a monitor with WiFi capability and away from home viewing on smartphones, tablets and computers. There are also dual screen monitors, which are ideal if you have two little ones close in age so you can simultaneously keep an eye on both of them.

As you design your dream nursery, you’ll no longer have to wonder about what items are worth paying a higher price for. Go ahead and splurge on these 6 nursery must-haves and then dress up the room with budget-friendly decor and smaller furnishings. Most of all, have fun getting the room ready for your little one’s arrival!