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June 8, 2020

7 Quiet Indoor Activities For Kids That Will Hold Their Attention

As parents, we all have days when our kids are overtired, cranky or just in an off-mood (and, if we’re being honest, we can say the same about ourselves!). Quiet time activities are perfect for getting everyone to regroup during these instances.

Top Quiet Time Activities for Kids

Check out the 7 quiet time activities below and keep them handy whenever you need a bit of peace in your day. All of these ideas can be adapted to children of any age, from toddlers to school-aged kids.

1. Jigsaw Puzzles

Not only are jigsaw puzzles fun to do, but they can increase alertness, concentration and creativity – in kids and adults alike! There’s a wide variety of puzzles available online and in stores, so you’ll easily be able to find ones that match your child’s age and interests.

2. Playdough

Playdough stands as one of the best quiet time activities for toddlers – and older kids too! Whether you purchase store-bought playdough or make your own (there are plenty of easy homemade recipes online – check outthis one to start), add to the fun by setting up a playdough station with cookie cutters, rolling pins and other small objects to encourage creative play and spark your child’s imagination.   

3. Origami

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding and is a wonderfully soothing activity that can quietly occupy your kids for a while. Kids four and older will have a blast making basic shapes like hearts and fish. And even little ones as young as three can get started with some simple paper folding!

4.    Audio Books

Of course, we had to include audiobooks on this list! They’re an easy go-to that don’t require any set-up time and can be listened to anywhere, whether you download them from your local library or purchase some online.

If you want to make this activity even more magical, create a special reading nook or make a fort that your kids can enjoy snuggling up in with their favorite stuffed animals and a snack while they get swept away in a wonderful tale.

5. Weaving

All you need to get your kids creating beautiful weaving projects is some yarn, a ruler, scissors, a plastic needle, tape, sturdy twigs from outside and some cardboard! Check out the tutorial atArt Bar Blog and see some gorgeous creations for inspiration.

6. Mystery Socks Game

The mystery socks game is one of our top choices for quiet games for kids. Start by choosing five or ten socks and hide one object from around the house in each sock. Assign each sock a number and give each kid playing number a piece of paper and something to write with.

Let each person feel the socks without peeking. Then have them write down their guesses on their paper. Once all answers have been written, slowly reveal the hidden objects and see who had the most correct guesses.

7.     Kinetic Sand

Fill a tray with a bag of kinetic sand and then put various toys and objects inside the tray, such as toy cars and trucks, plastic spoons, cookie cutters and other fun toys, likethese adorable toy boats. Kids will love using their imaginations to invent a pretend world while driving cars and boats and making various creations in the sand.

These tried-and-true indoor quiet activities for kids will give your kids (and you!) some time to unwind while doing something engaging, calming and fun.