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February 14, 2020

Sweet Ideas for Baby’s First Valentine’s Day

Among the countless milestones to celebrate during baby’s first year, holidays might just be the most fun. And since your little love stole your heart long before he was born, Valentine’s Day feels like a natural one to embrace! Here are some easy ideas to make baby’s first Valentine as sweet and unforgettable as she is.

Heart Shaped Baby Items

Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without some well-placed hearts. Munchkin’s own logo has a sideways heart dotting the i – so it’s only fitting to include a couple of universally loved Munchkin products to help mark baby’s first Valentine.

Ice™ Heart Teether

Regardless of whether your little one has teeth by Valentine’s Day, a few of these gel-filled heart shaped teething toys will come in handy soon enough.

Hearts™ Bath Toy
Nothing says “I love you” like playing with your little one – and these numbered, soft-edge bath toys bring a love of counting, straining, and pouring to the tub.

Keepsake Valentine Books

Books are always great go-to gifts, but baby board books hold a particularly special place in my heart (bonus points if you can keep little ones from chewing off the edges!). For baby’s first Valentine, choose the gift of meaningful words. There are many wonderful children’s books about unconditional love. Some tried and true favorites include How Do I Love You? and I Love You Through and Through, both illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church, I Love You to the Moon and Back by Amelia Hepworth and Tim Warnes, On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman, and Love from the Very Hungry Caterpillar, from the beloved world of Eric Carle.

Baby’s First Love Letter

Penning a love letter to your baby is a sweetly sentimental way to mark his or her first Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t have to be long – just some authentic words from your heart. You can frame it and put it on display, or keep it tucked away to share when they’re older. Though they’ll hopefully never need a reminder of the depths of your love, it’s nice to look back on your thoughts as a new parent, when they were a brand-new extension of your heart. If baby has an email address that you write to already, you can send the letter electronically too. Either way, it’ll be sealed with a kiss – and your unconditional love.

Pink and Red Photo Shoot

You don’t need to get fancy or hire a professional – there are plenty of quick and easy ways to stage a themed photo opportunity. Pick up some simple Valentine props from the dollar store or make your own (construction paper hearts, anyone?). You can also use Munchkin’s heart-shaped teethers and bath cups as props! Dress baby in pink, red, or white; you don’t necessarily need to buy a Baby’s First Valentine outfit or bib, but of course that would be adorable too. If you’re feeling bold, maybe a lipstick kiss mark or two on his cherubic cheek – but try to use a natural brand if you can, to avoid irritating his skin. You can put baby on a blanket surrounded by the things he loves. Whatever you do, have fun with it! And don’t forget to be in a few photos, too. Step out from behind that camera lens – your baby will thank you someday.

Happy 1st Valentine’s Day to all the sweet cherubs setting hearts aflutter each day!

Ani Morgan

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