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March 20, 2018

Throw the Perfect Under the Sea Birthday Party

Birthday parties are a big deal, especially when your toddler is turning 2! Fellow Munchkin mom and actress Amy Davidson threw her son Lennox the ultimate under-the-sea-themed bash and we couldn’t be more in love! From Lennox’s mini blue suit to fish-cracker-filled Snack Catchers, all the oceanic details were too perfect.

Have a party coming up to plan? Look through Amy’s images below and gain some inspiration for your next moment-making birthday party. Check out more images here at People Babies. 

Lennox (2) in his mini blue birthday suit
Make a wish!
Climbing fun!
Under-the-sea themed gift bags featuring Fishin Bath Game
Happy 2nd Birthday Lennox!

Want to hear about all the details? Read about them here on Amy’s blog. 

All Images courtesy of Good Karma Studio

Melissa McCartney

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