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May 20, 2020

The Ultimate Baby and Toddler Essentials Checklist | Everything You Need

From pregnancy to newborn to toddler, the journey of parenthood is an amazing one with so many precious moments. And each of these wonderful stages requires plenty of preparation – including shopping for essential items!

Whether you’re expecting or a new mom, you’ll find there are plenty of things you need for your baby – and for yourself. But we know it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to navigate all the potential items to get for you and your little one – how do you know which items are “must-haves”?  

We’ve taken the guesswork out with our list of baby, toddler and new mom essentials below. Find a baby essentials checklist, a list of things you need for a toddler and – last but certainly not least – items you’ll want to treat yourself to.

Baby Necessities You Can’t Live Without

One of the most precious parts of preparing for your baby’s arrival is getting the nursery ready! For inspiration and ideas, be sure to see our list ofnursery essentials that are worth splurging on andnursery essentials recommended by a seasoned mom.

In addition to shopping for and decorating the nursery, use our helpful newborn checklist below to ensure you have other essential items for your baby.

Toddler Essentials

Toddlers are such a joy to watch and interact with! And as they’re growing and becoming a bit more independent each day, you’ll want to get items that will help them transition into this exciting new stage of life.

See our picks below for must-have toddler products.

Don’t Forget Mama! Pregnancy and New Mom Must-Haves

If you’re expecting or a new mom, treat yourself (or give a big hint to a loved one!) to one or more of the must-haves below. These items also make greatbaby shower gifts that any mom-to-be will appreciate. 

Munchkin carries a variety of the must-have items you’ll need along your parenting journey. Shop our2020 Essentials For Mom, Baby and Toddler today.