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Milkmakers® Prenatal and Breastfeeding Products

Moms are constantly busy taking care of everyone and everything, which can leave little time for proper self-care. It’s important for mamas to incorporate healthy habits and wellness routines into their daily lives as best they can - and there's no better time to start implementing self-care practices than during pregnancy.

You’ll find an assortment of prenatal products for expecting moms below and breastfeeding items for new moms, from belly balm and nausea drops for pregnancy to lactation cookies and lactation teas.

Prenatal Care to Pamper Mom-to-Be

Pamper the mom-to-be in your life with our prenatal care products. Our belly masks have gentle ingredients to nourish her bump, while helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and our all-natural shea butter lotion will provide welcome relief for her itchy bump. For moms suffering from morning sickness, our prenatal tea for nausea and nausea relief drops can help ease her symptoms.

These products are an easy way for mama to implement a regular self-care routine!

Breastfeeding Products to Support Lactation

Consuming a healthy diet is important to help increase milk supply when breastfeeding and foster the production of quality breastmilk. Check out the top foods to eat while breastfeeding to ensure you’re getting the proper nutrients and add in our delicious Milkmakers products for added benefit.

Lactation Cookies and Bars

Our lactation cookies and lactation bars were created to help nursing mamas get the nutrients they (and their babies) need, even with a demanding schedule.

Our tasty lactation cookie bites and lactation bars are well-balanced treats that are filled with vitamins and minerals you need to keep your body healthy, as well as key ingredients traditionally used to support breast milk supply.

Find out about galactagogues and learn what's in our lactation cookies.

Lactation Teas

Our lactation teas are crafted with certified organic and milk-boosting ingredients and are naturally caffeine-free, resulting in soothing teas for breastfeeding moms. Stock up on your favorite flavor or keep a variety on hand to enjoy some tea for two!

With each flavor as delicious and nutritious as the next, you can't go wrong with any of our lactation teas. They're wonderful both hot and over ice, depending on your mood.

Gift Sets for Expecting and New Moms

Looking to surprise an expecting or a new mom with a thoughtful gift set? Our Milkmakers Sample Gift Set includes a combination of lactation tea, lactation bars, and lactation cookie bites – it’s the perfect way for breastfeeding moms to give our lactation products a try!

Wondering what the most common symptoms are for each stage of pregnancy and what to-dos you can put on your schedule for each trimester? You’ll find tons of useful tips in our first-trimester guide, second-trimester guide, and third-trimester guide.